Jim Robbins

Live Streaming Scanner Feed

South Brunswick, NJ, and Vicinity

This scanner audio covers South Brunswick Township and, to a lesser extent, its neighbors.

Following are the details of the stereo stream:

Left Side Right Side
South Brunswick Fire South Brunswick Police/EMS & Neighbors
BC780XLT Pro-2096
  • SB Fire Dispatch & Ops
  • SB Fleet Calls (beep alert)
  • SB SPEN-4 Patch (activated when needed; beep alert)
  • South Brunswick Fire/EMS Paging
  • SB Police Dispatch
  • SB EMS Dispatch
  • SPENs & EMRADs
  • Mercer Crime Alert
  • Princeton Fire/EMS
  • Middlesex Police Hotline (input only)
  • Middlesex Fire & EMS Interop, OEM Paging
  • Cranbury Fire
  • Monroe Fire Paging
  • Plainsboro Fire/EMS
  • Somerset Fire-High
  • Franklin PD Conventional, ES Conventional, District 2 Multicast

Since the target user for this feed is already familiar with all of the codes, identifiers, and vernacular, I won't get into that here. For more background refer to Mercer County (for Princeton); Middlesex County (for South Brunswick, Monroe, Cranbury, and Plainsboro); and Somerset County (for Franklin).

If you hear something happening in a neighboring town, check to see if there is a feed which better focuses on that town. There are feeds dedicated to and usually in service for Cranbury/ Plainsboro/ Princeton, East Brunswick, Monroe, Rocky Hill/ Montgomery, and Somerset/ Franklin in particular. Check Broadcastify.com for updates or others.

Technical Notes

DO NOT e-mail me if the feed is offline. I am automatically notified 15 minutes after my feed goes down and reminders are sent out regularly after that. If I am not at home then I am unable to re-establish the feed or make any changes to how it is working (volume & squelch) and what it is scanning.

DO NOT e-mail me if you're having trouble accessing the feed. I could only provide the tips listed below.

Generally if there is a problem on "my" end of things then the feed status will show as "OFFLINE". If the number of users shows as a number and the feed seems dead then either it is especially inactive at the time or there is a problem on the server end of things.

There have been some maintenance sessions and hiccups on the host/server side during which the feed shows as online but it really is not. If I am expecting a protracted outage either of my own doing or as the result of host actions then I will make a note of it on this page, but this is rare. Otherwise you may check the Live Audio Feed Administration Forum.

Most or all conventional channels are being scanned with PL/DPL squelch, to reduce interference. Some conventional channels have been attenuated to reduce the distant traffic coming through on them, and I have programmed only the inputs to certain countywide repeaters such as the police hotline and MedCentral ops, so the received traffic must be local. Trunked talkgroups are scanned in closed/scan mode so new talkgroups will not come through.

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