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Due to changes in my personal and professional responsibilities, I no longer have the time to dedicate to maintaining this web site which I once did, and which it truly requires.

I will leave the site up as-is with little or no maintenance because some of the information may be useful for some time yet, however that usefulness is presently somewhat limited and will further diminish with time. Other sites may now or soon provide a better resource for comparable data.

-Jim Robbins, 11/25/16

Scanning Mercer County, New Jersey

County Trunked Radio System
County-wide Law Enforcement
County-wide Fire/ EMS/ OEM
County Other
The College of New Jersey
East Windsor Township
Ewing Township
Hamilton Township
Hightstown Borough
Hopewell Borough & Twp.
Lawrence Township
Pennington Borough
Princeton Borough
Princeton University
Robbinsville Township
City of Trenton
West Windsor Township
Mercer County SMRs

For all the municipalities or groups listed above, there is a table of the frequencies and a brief description of how they are used. The first field is the channel name and/or usage, the second column is the radio frequency, the third column is the type (R=repeater, B=base, M=mobile), and the fourth column is the squelch or modulation type (CSq = carrier squelch). A two-digit number in the last field represents an Logic Trunked Radio (LTR) Logical Channel Number (LCN) which is helpful for programming; any known associated talkgroups will be listed further down in the same table. A number with a "$" prefix in the final column represents the Network Access Code (NAC) for APCO P-25 digital. "DMR" in the last column indicates Digital Mobile Radio-format digital, of which MotoTRBO is one brand example.

Tables or portions of tables containing trunked talkgroup data will have headers if needed to clarify the information represented. Modes may be "Ana" (analog), "Digi" (digital), or "Enc" (digital encrypted); digital versus encrypted is not always known in EDACS since neither can be decoded by consumer scanners.

It is intended for all public safety (police/fire/EMS/OEM) and government services (roads dept/building dept/schools) channels to be listed here, plus most business repeaters and other channels which may be of particular interest. Many business channels have intentionally been omitted because researching and processing them all would be impractical. If you are searching for one not listed, try the FCC database or check if they are using an undentified talkgroup on one of the SMRs. If you are searching for additional tactical channels used by a business which has repeaters shown, try the master frequency lists. If you find or know of anything which is not listed here, please e-mail them to the author so that others may benefit.

Businesses should be listed under the municipality they are principally located in. County-wide busineses like utilities may be listed under the County Other section or with the municipality in which the main transmitter is located, even if the business serves customers in multiple municipalities.

Standard and regional channels have been omitted from this page for brevity and can be found on the General Mercer/ Middlesex/ Somerset County Channels page.

Mercer County Trunked Radio System

Repeater (CC)500.4500RP25
Repeater (CC)508.4875RP25

Mercer appears to have substantially completed constructing their T-band P25 trunked system, and is in the process of rolling users over to it. System information changed in the first half of 2014 and is now as follows: WACN 926B9; system ID 582; countywide simulcast site is 1-1. Programming it as P25 Auto is recommended but if manual tables are required, use the following: base0=500.4500 step0=12.5 offset0=0; base1=500.0000 step1=12.5 offset1=4096.

In early June the former Ewing system was fully integrated into this county system; Ewing police moved to the county system, the Ewing control channel went silent, and all six Ewing system frequencies were added to the countywide simulcast zone.

In late 2013 Mercer County licensed 10 microwave stations apparently to tie together the various transmitter and satellite receiver sites for the new trunked system. Said sites are: Channel 52 (TV tower near 1 & 295); Dempster (Lawrence Station Rd, Lawrence); Hightstown (First Ave water tower); Hamilton (Negron Dr); Ewing (muncipal building); Labor (Fitch Plaza, Trenton); Mercer (county jail on 29, Hopewell); New Rd (Hopewell); Rose (Hopewell); and Princeton (Washington Rd). Based upon trunk system licenses, it appears that all will be transmitter sites except for the following receive-only: Hamilton, Labor, Mercer, New Rd, Rose, Princeton. Dempster is assumed to be included as a microwave tie to the dispatch center rather than a satellite receiver.

On 1/09/13, Mercer County officially became the FCC licensee for Ewing's trunked system frequencies. In April, an application was made to add those frequencies into the same license which contains the rest of the county's trunked system (WQCW645). These actions are early steps in integrating those frequencies and infrastructure into the county-wide system. It is currently unclear whether those frequencies will be a zone at the Ewing site or will be added to other simulcast sites. Until actual usage is confirmed to be consolidated, Ewing data will be retained in the Ewing Township section on this page.

County-wide OEM roll calls were conducted on OEM Command in the clear, with the following dispatch centers being called: East Windsor, Ewing, Hamilton, Hightstown, Hopewell Township, Lawrence, Princeton Borough, Princeton Township, Robbinsville, Trenton, West Windsor, Lifecomm, and Sheriff. Whereas tests seemed to be run regularly on Tuesdays at 1100, they now seem to be a little more random but sometimes follow tests of the Crime Alert channel. On 4/03/07 Princeton Borough tried responding to the roll call on 00017 and was not acknowledged. 00019 was used on 2/09/07 for traffic and/or crowd control at the Trenton FD LODD memorial services.

Mercer County Law Enforcement / County-wide Police

Crime Bulletins453.2250R103.5
Sheriff F-1453.5750R103.5
Sheriff F-2453.6250R167.9
Video Surveillance2458.5000MCSq
Amtrak Police Trenton161.2950R100.0
Amtrak Police Adams161.2950R88.5
NJT Police Main160.8300R123.0
NJT Police River Line161.1900R97.4

Mercer County uses a UHF repeater for crime alerts/information. Tests have recently been run on Tuesday mornings at about 1100, with the following reporting: East Windsor, Ewing, Hamilton, Hightstown, Hopewell Township, Lawrence, Princeton Borough, Princeton Township, Robbinsville, The College of NJ, Trenton, & West Windsor.

The park rangers operate on the parks department channel, listed in the County Other section.

Mercer County Fire & EMS & OEM

Radio Channels
Fire 1 Alerting154.4300B/M103.5
Fire 2 Secondary154.2950B/M103.5
Tac-1 East Ops154.1750B/M103.5
Tac-2 West Ops154.3400B/M103.5
Tac-3 Southeast Ops154.3550B/M103.5
Fire Chiefs154.3700M103.5
Fire Statewide154.2650B/M103.5
Fireground 1154.1900B/M103.5
Fireground 2154.4000B/M103.5
Fire Police?154.0400?M?103.5?
Task Force 801 Tac153.8900M103.5
JEMS 1155.2650B/M103.5
JEMS 2155.3400B/Mvaries
JEMS 3155.2800B/M103.5
JEMS 4153.7850M131.8
EMS Ops150.9950R103.5
Trauma Alert462.9500B151.4
RACES callsignW2MER
ARES/RACES Primary146.6700R131.8
ARES/Red Cross146.4600R131.8
ARES/RACES Simplex147.5500B/MCSq
Skywarn Primary147.1050R123.0
Skywarn Secondary442.2000R141.3
Skywarn Simplex146.5800B/MCSq
Red Cross47.4200B/M146.2
Red Cross47.4600B/M?
Red Cross47.5400B/M?
Buff Net Old?463.9250R146.2
New-Lawrence, Ewing, Hightstown453.3125B/M103.5?
New-Lawrence, Ewing, Hightstown453.5125B/M103.5?
New-Lawrence, Ewing, Hightstown453.5875B/M103.5?
New-Lawrence, Ewing, Hightstown460.3375B/M103.5?
New-Lawrence, Ewing, Hightstown458.3125M103.5?
New-Lawrence, Ewing, Hightstown458.5125M103.5?
New-Lawrence, Ewing, Hightstown458.5875M103.5?
New-Lawrence, Ewing, Hightstown465.3375M103.5?

Note: Lifecom is being dissolved and its dispatch responsibilities being absorbed by Mercer County Central. EMS alerting is being moved from JEMS-1 to Fire-1. Corrections to the table below will be made once the dust settles here and with the county trunked system.

Most of Mercer County's fire companies are alerted on F-1 by the Mercer County Emergency Services Communications Center (AKA "Central"), located at the Dempster Fire Training Center in Lawrence. F-2 and F-4, the South Jersey Fire Network (with Mercer's PL on encode and decode), are used primarily for secondary dispatch and inter-county coordination. The Tactical channels are for response and command and there are a few county fireground channels if needed. In some cases a town has its own dispatch and operations channels, in which case F-1 and the relevant Tac channel are not ordinarily used; see each town's section for more information.

Central fire dispatch operates several towers throughout the county for communicating with the various apparatus. Some towers omit certain frequencies that are not needed for that geographic area. The primary tower (along with dispatch & county OEM HQ) is at the Dempster Fire Service Training Center near Quakerbridge Mall; satellite towers are at: Trenton/Mercer Airport; Province Line Road in Hopewell; First Avenue in Hightstown; and Klockner Road in Hamilton.

Mercer County also dispatches Cranbury and Plainsboro Fire Departments (both in Middlesex County) after their respective local PSAPs take the 911 call and do the initial page-out. Middlesex Fire Station 24, Somerset Fire Stations 46 & 53, and Somerset Rescue Stations 47 & 53 are included in the table below because they run mutual aid into Princeton semi-regularly. Mercer has the ability to page Somerset 46-Fire and 53-Fire directly.

Lifecomm dispatches Advanced Life Support (ALS; paramedics) for the whole county and Basic Life Support (BLS; standard ambulance) for many municipalities. Paging is most often on JEMS-1, but on Fire-1 for Hamilton and on local channels for some other towns (noted individually). Two-way dispatch is mostly on the EMS Ops repeater but is on local channels for certain towns (noted individually).

Capital Health Regional is a Level 2 Trauma Center. Lifecomm is generally notified of an incoming trauma patient by ALS (or by telephone or state trunked radio if coming from out-of-county), and alerts the emergency department staff to an incoming patient on Med-09. Mercer county units use a PL of 151.4 on the standard UHF Med channels, though most of the communication which used to be done there now seems to be via mobile phone. When last observed, Med channel communications were in duplex mode with the base (doctor or dispatcher) transmitting on one frequency and the mobile (paramedic) transmitting on its pair with no repeating. Thus mobile units could not communicate directly unless they also had the channels programmed in simplex mode.

Mercer County OEM Communications has access to a plethora of public safety and amateur radio channels for use in emergencies. The statewide EMRAD network is usually tested at 7:30 PM on the last Monday of each month. The Red Cross Central New Jersey Chapter operates a fully-equipped amateur station with permission to use the DSRC repeater when appropriate, in addition to the standard 47.42.

There was a buff network repeater which is completely unaffiliated with the county, but seemed to cover the greater-Mercer area. Traffic hasn't been heard on it in a while so they may have changed frequencies or gone defunct.

There is an FCC license application pending for the "New" channels listed at the bottom of the table. These are proposed for analog conventional use, and may be for law enforcement or emergency services use in conjunction with the new trunked system.

Fire & EMS Agencies
10Hamiltonn/aHamilton HazMatFire-1 by CountyTac-3 by County
110Hamiltonn/aRWJ EMSFire-1 by LifecommEMS Ops by LifecommJEMS-3
111Hamiltonn/aNottingham ASFire-1 by LifecommEMS Ops by Lifecomm
12Hamilton2Mercerville VFCFire-1 by CountyTac-3 by County
13Hamilton3Rusling HoseFire-1 by CountyTac-3 by County
14-1Hamilton4Hamilton VFCFire-1 by CountyTac-3 by County
14-2Hamilton4Enterprise VFCFire-1 by CountyTac-3 by County
15Hamilton5DeCou Hose CoFire-1 by CountyTac-3 by County
16Hamilton6White Horse VFCFire-1 by CountyTac-3 by County
17Hamilton7Nottingham VFCFire-1 by CountyTac-3 by County17 Mobile Extenders
18Hamilton8Colonial VFCFire-1 by CountyTac-3 by County
19Hamilton9GrovevilleFire-1 by CountyTac-3 by County
20Lawrencen/aLawrence Fire InspectorsFire-1 by CountyTac-1 by County
21Lawrencen/aSlackwood VFCFire-1 by CountyTac-1 by County
22Lawrencen/aLawrence Road VFCFire-1 by CountyTac-1 by County
23Lawrencen/aLawrenceville VFCFire-1 by CountyTac-1 by County
24S. Brunswick (Mdlsx)3Kingston VFCSB ES Alert by S. BrunswickPrinceton ES by Mercer(for mutual aid into Mercer)
27Bristol-Myers Squibbn/aBMS Fire BrigadeBMS F-1, 5, Paging by BMSBMS F-5 by BMS
127Bristol-Myers Squibbn/aBMS First Aid SquadBMS F-1, 5, Paging by BMSBMS F-5 by BMS
129Lawrencen/aLawrence EMSJEMS-1 by LifecommEMS Ops by Lifecomm
31Ewing1Prospect Heights VFCFire-1 by CountyTac-1 by County
32Ewing2Pennington Road VFCFire-1 by CountyTac-1 by County
132Ewingn/aPennington Road VFC/FAUJEMS-1 by LifecommEMS Ops by Lifecomm
33Ewing3West Trenton VFCFire-1 by CountyTac-1 by County
34Ewingn/aAirport FireFire-1 by CountyTac-1 by CountyAirport Ops
138College of NJn/aLions EMS155.895 by TCNJ155.895 by TCNJ
139Ewingn/aEwing EMSJEMS-1 by LifecommEMS Ops by Lifecomm
40Robbinsvillen/aRobbinsville FireFire-1 by CountyTac-3 by County
140Robbinsvillen/aRobbinsville Fire/EMSFire-1 by RobbinsvilleEMS Ops by Lifecomm
41Hightstownn/aHightstown EC #1Fire-1 by HightstownTac-1 by County
141Hightstownn/aHightstown FARSFire-1 by LifecommEMS Ops by Lifecomm
42East Windsorn/aEast Windsor VFC #1Fire-1 by East WindsorTac-1 by County
142East Windsorn/aEast Windsor FARS #1EW EMS by EWEW EMS by EW
43West Windsorn/aWest Windsor VFCWW ES Alert by West WindsorWW ES Ops by County
44West Windsorn/aPrinceton Junction VFCWW ES Alert by West WindsorWW ES Ops by County
45West Windsorn/aWest Windsor ESWW ES Alert by West WindsorWW ES Ops by County
145West Windsorn/aTwin-W FARSWW ES Alert by West WindsorWW ES Ops by West Windsor
46East Windsorn/aEast Windsor VFC #2Fire-1 by East WindsorTac-1 by County
146East Windsorn/aEast Windsor FARS #2EW EMS by EWEW EMS by EW
46-FMontgomery (Smrst)2Montgomery Twp. VFC#2Somerset Fire-High by MercerPrinceton ES / Tac-2 by Mercer(for mutual aid into Mercer)
47-RMontgomery (Smrst)n/aMontgomery EMSSomerset JEMS-1 by SomersetPrinceton ES by Lifecomm(for mutual aid into Mercer)
48Cranbury (Mdlsx)n/aCranbury VFCCranbury Fire by HightstownCranbury Fire by County
148Cranbury (Mdlsx)n/aCranbury FARSCranbury EMS by LifecommCranbury EMS by Lifecomm
49Plainsboro (Mdlsx)n/aPlainsboro VFCPlainsboro F-2 by PlainsboroPlainsboro F-2 by CountyPlainsboro Private
100Plainsboro (Mdlsx)n/aPlainsboro RSPlainsboro F-2 by PlainsboroPlainsboro F-2 by PlainsboroPlainsboro F-3
50Hopewell Valleyn/aHopewell Emerg. Svcs.Hopewell ES Alert by CountyHopewell ES Ops by County
51Pennington1Pennington VFCHopewell ES Alert by CountyTac-2 by County
151Penningtonn/aPennington FARSHopewell ES Alert by LifecommHopewell ES Ops by Lifecomm
52Hopwell Borough1Hopewell VFCHopewell ES Alert by CountyHopewell ES Ops by County
152Hopewell Borough1HVFC Emerg. Medical UnitHopewell ES Alert by LifecommHopewell ES Ops by Lifecomm
53Hopewell Townshipn/aUnion VFCHopewell ES Alert by CountyHopewell ES Ops by County
153Hopewell Townshipn/aUVFC Rescue SquadHopewell ES Alert by LifecommHopewell ES Ops by Lifecomm
53-FRocky Hill (Somerset)n/aRocky Hill H&LC#1Somerset Fire-High by MercerPrinceton ES by Mercer(for mutual aid into Mercer)
53-RRocky Hill (Somerset)n/aRocky Hill FARSFire-High by SomersetPrinceton ES by Lifecomm(for mutual aid into Mercer)
57Bristol-Myers Squibbn/aBMS Fire BrigadeBMS Emergency by BMSBMS Emergency by BMS
157Bristol-Myers Squibbn/aBMS EMSBMS Emergency by BMSBMS Emergency by BMS
57Monroe2Applegarth ECFire-1 by CountyTac-1 by County(for mutual aid into Mercer)
159Hopewell Valleyn/aHopewell Emerg. Svcs.Hopewell ES Alert by LifecommHopewell ES Ops by Lifecomm
60Princetonn/aPrinceton FDPrinceton ES Ops by CountyPrinceton ES Ops by CountyPrinceton Fire Private
66Plasma Physics Labn/aPPPL FirePPPL Tac-1 & Tac-2 by PPPLPPPL Tac-1 by PPPL
166Plasma Physics Labn/aPPPL EMSPPPL Tac-1 & Tac-2 by PPPLPPPL Tac-1 by PPPL
168Princetonn/aPrinceton FARSPrinceton ES Ops by LifecommPrinceton ES Ops by LifecommPFARS Tac-2 & Tac-3
70Trentonn/aTrenton FireFire-1 by Trentonvarious by Trenton
174Trentonn/aTrenton EMSJEMS-1 by LifecommEMS Ops by LifecommEMS-1 (Trenton trunk)
179Mercer Countyn/aCapital Health ALSJEMS-1 by LifecommEMS Ops by LifecommJEMS-3
80Mercer Countyn/aTraining Centern/an/a
82Allentown (Mnmth)n/aHope Fire CompanyFire-1 by CountyTac-3 by County(for mutual aid into Mercer)
--n/an/aNJ Forest Fire Service Division A Section 7

Mercer County Other

Parks & Rangers453.2750R151.4
Stony Brook Sewer453.9000R141.3

The College of New Jersey

Maintenance Old?463.8500Rd413
Broadcast Station91.3000BWFM
Broadcast Production161.6700M?
Broadcast Production161.7675M?

The College of New Jersey uses a UHF repeater for police dispatch.

Lions EMS reportedly uses the old police VHF channel, though the PL is not confirmed.

General maintenance has changed to a new repeater and it is unclear whether the old channel is still used (possibly with a different PL). HVAC services are on their own channel, and there is a paging channel.

The college's radio station is on 91.3, and there are a couple channels apparently for use in broadcast production; likely studio links or relays or that sort of thing.

East Windsor Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Police F-1 Dispatch460.3500R103.5
Police F-2 Alternate460.1500R103.5
EMS Dispatch154.0250R71.9
Regional School District
Ops/ Buses461.9000RDMR
148 P'ton-H'town Rd463.2125Rd115
Meadow Lakes461.0375M?
Meadow Lakes461.0625Md271?
Meadow Lakes461.0875M?
Pepito Taxi467.3250B/M123.0
Ramada Inn Ops452.1000R?
Taxi Tu Amigo466.3750B/M179.9
Twin Rivers151.5500B/M?

East Windsor Township's Police Department is self-dispatched on one UHF repeater, with a second repeater for alternate communication.

Fire Stations 42 and 46 are alerted on Fire-1 and typically operate on Tac-1. Initial paging is sometimes by East Windsor, but county will always repeat it themselves and take over dispatch after that.

Squads 142 and 146 are alerted and operate on the EW high-band repeater. Units CH-1 & CH-2 are the paid daytime BLS units for the township, operated by Capital Health EMS.

EW Public Works has its own repeated channel, and the EW Municipal Utility Authority has its own simplex channel.

The East Windsor Regional Schools recently licensed and installed a UHF repeater. Usage appears to be DMR digital, which cannot be decoded by any consumer scanner. The other channels listed here for EWRSD may or may not remain in use.

Ewing Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Backup453.1000R103.5
ES Tech. Rescue153.8900M103.5
OEM old?154.0550B/M?
Trenton-Mercer Airport
TTN Aviation Channels from Airnav
County Channels within Ewing
Juvenile Jail453.2500R91.5
State Channels within Ewing
DOHSS Housekeeping461.4875R?
DOT HQ Maint506.9375R103.5
DOT HQ Unknown156.0450R?
NJSP TRS HQ Fill-in857.0375RMOT
NJSP TRS HQ Fill-in858.0375RMOT
ETS F-1 Security461.5000Rd331
ETS F-2 Maintenance461.0250Rd023
FMC Security?462.2000Rd251?
FMC Maintenance?462.3000Rd251?
FMC Tac462.3125M?
FMC Tac462.3375M?
Frontier Airlines460.7500R?
J&J Aviation463.9000R?
Katzenbach School Ops159.8250Rd245
Katzenbach School Unk152.3300R?
Katzenbach School Tac151.7300Md245?
Katzenbach School Tac159.8100Md245?
Multicultural Radio161.7000B?
Multicultural Radio161.7600B?
Nassau Broadcasting161.6400B?
NJ Manuf. Ins. Ops461.4625Rd114
NJ Manuf. Ins. IT451.7250Rd343
NJ Manuf. Ins. Unknown464.5875Rd743
NJ Manuf. Ins. Unknown461.7375R?
Trenton Country Club452.1875M?
Trenton Country Club457.1875M?
Trenton Country Club457.5500M?
Trenton Country Club457.5750M?
Trenton Country Club457.6000M?
Trenton Country Club469.2625M?
Trenton Country Club469.6000M?
Trenton Country Club469.7500M?
Trenton Country Club469.8500M?
Trenton Country Club469.9750M?

In early June 2014 Ewing Township relinquished their trunked system, the Police Department moved to the county's trunked system, and the former Ewing trunked frequencies were absorbed into the county's system. It is believed that the old police conventional channel continues to be retained as a backup.

Stations 31, 32, 33, and 34 are alerted by county on Fire-1 and usually operate on Tac-2. Station 34 will also use the airport ops channel for routine activity.

Squads 132 (volunteer 1800-0600) and 139 (paid 0600-2300) are paged on JEMS 1 by Lifecomm and operate on the county EMS Ops repeater.

OEM channels are per unconfirmed report. Licenses currently exist for some, but not all of the channels.

The NJSP Trunked Radio System (TRS) fill-in transmitters listed here are located at the headquarters near the airport. They function by allowing radios to affiliate to them then transmitting only the talkgroups which those radios are currently set for. There seem to be only two channels at this site, which allow for receiving only two talkgroups simultaneously; as a result there is very limited capacity at this fill-in site. It would be unusual (though theoretically possible) for this site to carry any talkgroups which are not also carried by the main Troop C simulcast system so scannists in the Ewing area are encouraged to listen to the main system instead, and must for the greatest reliability.

Hamilton Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Police F-1 Disp453.5250R103.5
Police F-2 Alt460.0750R103.5
Police F-3 Alt460.4500R103.5
Fire Tactical154.3700M103.5
Stn 13 Tac159.2100M103.5?
Stn 15 Tac?154.2500M103.5?
Stn 16 Tac154.2200B/M103.5?
Stn 17 Mobile Extenders159.1200Md516
Stn 19 Tac154.2200B/M103.5?
ES Tactical?155.3850B/M74.4?
OEM Broadcast0.5300BAM
OEM Broadcast1.2200BAM
Sewer Dept453.1875M?
Schools Buses463.7250R186.2
Schools Buses Old?151.9250B/Md731
Schools Maintenance463.7000Rd023
Schools HS-West464.8250M?
Schools HS-West467.3750M?
Schools HS-West467.7625M?
Schools HS-West467.8125M?
Schools HS-West467.8750M?
Schools Nottingham HS452.8625M?
County Channels within Hamilton
Spec. Svcs. School452.0500Rd331
Spec. Svcs. School451.0750Rd371
Spec. Svcs. School Janitors452.0000Rd331
Dapper Bus47.6600B/Md343
Economy Taxi160.1700B/M162.2
Economy Taxi New153.0275R?
First Student506.3625RDMR
McCarriston/St. Anthony HS452.0375M?
McCarriston/St. Anthony HS452.1125M?
McCarriston/St. Anthony HS452.1625M?
NJ Transit Hamilton Rail Stn453.4875R?
PSE&G Generation451.0875R?
PSE&G Generation451.2500Rd065?
PSE&G Generation463.8250Rd065?
PSE&G Generation464.1250R?
Sunoco Pipeline48.7200B/M?
JEMS 2155.3400B67.0
F-1 Security461.7375Rd506
F-2 ER451.8750Rd155
F-3 Housekeeping464.5000M67.0
F-4 Stock Room464.9500MCSq
F-5 Security461.7375Md506
F-6 ER451.8750Md155

Hamilton Township's Police Department has three repeaters, F-1 for primary dispatch with the two others for alternate / lookups / tactical.

Hamilton fire companies are dispatched by Mercer County; paging is on Fire-1 and response / scene operations are usually on Tac-3. Under certain circumstances (apparently ALS calls and MVCs) an "EMS engine" may be dispatched to medical calls. The apparatus uses the same channels, though it may also use the county EMS Ops repeater for coordination. Station 17's mobile extender relays from 159.120 used at the scene to the designated operations channel tuned in the apparatus, for better coverage and talk-out range. The other companies' tac channels may be used similarly.

BLS is provided to Hamilton Township by RWJ EMS. Units 110-1 and 110-2 are stationed at the hospital and dispatched by Lifecomm on county Fire-1 (paging) and the county EMS operations channel. Nottingham Ambulance Squad also continues to serve with scheduled and scramble crews, and Station 19 has BLS transport ability (Ambulance 119) when needed. The old Hamilton PD EMS dispatch channel (155.385/74.4) has been alternately listed as EMS Tactical and emergency services tactical; the PL has not been identified.

Is has been reported that Hamilton public works is using a DMR radio system (popularly known by a trade name MotoTRBO), presumably managed by a private business. This may be MPS Communications (found in the SMR Section below), and particularly its 461.25, 462.025, 463.35, 463.625, & 463.975 channels if not additional. DMR / MotoTRBO is a digital format which no consumer scanner is presently able to decode.

Hightstown Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Police F-1 Dispatch453.7000R156.7
Police F-2 Alt453.7000R156.7
Mega Taxi152.4650B141.3
Mega Taxi157.7250M141.3?
Peddie School464.8250Rd132
Peddie School461.5125M?
Peddie School464.4375M?
Peddie School464.7375M?
Peddie School469.7375M?
United Taxi152.3450B100.0
United Taxi157.6050M100.0?

Hightstown Borough's Police Department is self-dispatched on their F-1 repeater; they are the 11## units. Hightstown also dispatches Cranbury Township's police department (12## units) on the F-2 repeater located in Cranbury with a different PL on the input.

Station 41 is alerted on Fire-1 and usually operates on Tac-1. An additional channel is licensed at high-power to Hightstown Engine Company #1, possibly for fireground use.

Squad 141 is alerted on Fire-1 and operates on the Lifecomm repeater. EMS coverage is also provided by the Robbinsville Fire Department.

See East Windsor for known East Windsor Regional Schools channels.

Hopewell Borough and Hopewell Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Dispatch453.3750R103.5
Fire/EMS Alerting154.1300B/M103.5
Hopewell ES Ops155.5200R110.9
Fire New/Future?154.1075R103.5?
Stn 53 Mobile Extenders150.7900M/MR103.5?
HVRSD Ops464.6250Rd043
HVRSD High School451.3000Rd152
County Channels within Hopewell
Jail Ops453.9250R131.8
Jail New460.2375R?
Vo-Tech Sypek Ops464.5000M100.0
Vo-Tech Sypek Maint469.5500M100.0
Janssen Security451.8750Rd162
Janssen Maint.461.0750Rd152
Janssen Cleaners462.1250Rd172
Multicultural Radio161.6700B?
Multicultural Radio161.7000B?
Multicultural Radio161.7300B?
Multicultural Radio161.7600B?
Waste Management159.9150B/M?
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Capital Health Hopewell
Merrill Lynch

Hopewell Township's Police Department serves the township, Hopewell Borough, and Pennington Borough, and is self-dispatched on a UHF repeater.

Fire is dispatched by county on 154.13; Station 52 operates on Tac-2. Weekday daytime coverage is provided / supplemented by Hopewell Valley Emergency Services Engine 50, stationed at the township municipal building. The "Hopewell Township Fire District" has licensed a low-power high-band repeater, the purpose of which is unknown.

EMS is paged by Lifecomm on 154.13 and communicates on the EMS Ops channel. Weekday daytime coverage is provided by Hopewell Valley Emergency Services Ambulance 159, stationed at the township municipal building. Squad 151 is also staffed with one HVES driver/EMT and usually has a crew in their quarters. When 159 is in service, it is dispatched at the same time as the volunteer squad except when 151 has a confirmed crew in its quarters.

Hopewell received a license grant in 2003 for the same six frequency pairs used by Ewing's trunked system. It looks as though Hopewell applied to bolster Ewing's application with the justification that the channels will be used for a countywide system. To date there is no evidence that Hopewell is using Ewing's system on a regular basis. In early January 2013 Mercer County became the official holder of this FCC license, assumed to be an early step in integrating Ewing's frequencies and infrastructure into the county-wide system and maximizing its permitted use.

The Hopewell Valley Regional School District has a UHF repeater for district-wide communications (mostly school buses) and another for the high school. More general information on Hopewell is available at the HVRSD Community Page.

Bristol-Myers Squibb installed new radio systems at all their regional sites in early 2013, possibly in part to comply with FCC narrowbanding requirements. The systems seem to be DMR Trunked, with MotoTRBO being one brand name for the generic DMR format. All traffic is digital in a format incompatible with any current consumer scanner. The systems seem to have a full-time data channel (presumably for radio system operations or telemetry) and otherwise seems to use transmission trunking rather than message trunking. It is believed that most old channels are now abandoned, though it is not clear whether emergency service paging moved to the new system or remains on the conventional analog channels.

Lawrence Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Dispatch453.4250R186.2
Police Alternate453.8250R103.5
Police Tac460.6125M103.5?
Police Tac465.6125M103.5?
Fire Inspectors154.0550B/M103.5
DPW New/Future155.0400R?
School Buses464.9000Rd271
Schools Unknown452.2750Rd165?
Schools Unknown452.3500R?
Middle School451.9500Md065
Middle School452.0750Md065
Lawrenceville ES457.2000Md065
Schools Tac452.2000M?
Schools Tac452.4000M?
Schools Tac457.0750M?
Schools Tac457.4000M?
Avalon Run463.6625Rd413
ETS F-1 Security461.5000Rd331
ETS F-2 Maintenance461.0250Rd023
Flemmer Nursery502.9625R?
Fox Broadcasting450.1125B?
NJ Public B'cast. Auth450.0375B?
NJ Public B'cast Auth455.0375B?
Notre Dame HS451.7125M?
Notre Dame HS452.0125M?
Notre Dame HS467.7625M127.3?
Notre Dame HS467.9000M?
St. Lawrence Rehab461.2250Rd114?
St. Lawrence Rehab464.4000R?
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Emerg Svc Alerting?464.9750R136.5
Emerg Svc Ops?464.7750Rd743
Analog Paging?464.5750RCSq
Lawrenceville School
Quakerbridge Mall
Mall Security464.4250R225.7
Mall Operations461.5625Rd503
Macy's Security?464.5500R203.5
Unknown Store151.9550M74.4
Unknown Store154.5700M85.4
Unknown Store154.6000M94.8
Unknown Store464.5500Rd627
Unknown Store461.6000?94.8
Unknown Store467.9000?d632
Rider University

Lawrence Township's Police Department uses a UHF repeater for dispatch; the dispatcher (and maybe officers too) also has ability on the Quakerbridge Mall channel for coordination with mall security. An old relay pair has been recycled into two tactical channels, and the old dispatch repeater may still be in use as an alternate channel.

Stations 21, 22, and 23 are alerted on Fire-1 and generally operate on Tac-2. Station 20, the township fire inspectors, reportedly use 154.055.

Lifecomm pages Squad 129 on JEMS-1 and dispatches them on the county EMS Ops repeater.

Bristol-Myers Squibb installed new radio systems at all their regional sites in early 2013, possibly in part to comply with FCC narrowbanding requirements. The systems seem to be DMR Trunked, with MotoTRBO being one brand name for the generic DMR format. All traffic is digital in a format incompatible with any current consumer scanner. The systems seem to have a full-time data channel (presumably for radio system operations or telemetry) and otherwise seems to use transmission trunking rather than message trunking. It is believed that most old channels are now abandoned, though it is not clear whether emergency service paging moved to the new system or remains on the conventional analog channels.

Alerts for the BMS Fire Brigade used to go out on F-1, F-5, and the paging channel. The brigade and first aid squad typically operated on F-5, though they may have choosen to use another channel on occasion. It is as-yet unclear how this was affected by the new system.

Pennington Borough

Pennington Borough units use many of the same frquencies as Hopewell so see that section for the data. The Pennington Police Department (7** units) is dispatched by Hopewell directly on Hopewell's police repeater. Fire station 51 is paged on the same channel as Hopewell and usually operates on Tac-2 for response and command. Squad 151 is paged by Lifecomm on the Hopewell channel and usually operates on the Hopewell Emergency Services channel.

Princeton Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Dispatch453.6750R103.5
Police Alternate460.2625Rd565
Police Alternate?470.9625R192.8?
Police Ops453.3000B/M?
Police Tac?458.3000M103.5?
Fire & EMS Alerting158.8050R151.4
Old Boro Mun Ops/DPW159.0900R131.8
Old Boro DPW155.8050B/M127.3
PRS Transp./Facilities47.6600B/M146.2
PRS High School461.4625R67.0
PRS Miscellaneous463.4875Rvaries
Unknown/ Unused153.7400M?
Unknown/ Unused154.8900M?
IAS Maint464.9250Rd054
IAS Misc.461.8625Rvaries
IAS IT461.8625Rd155
IAS Unknown461.8625Rd423
Jasna Polana451.4500M?
Jasna Polana452.2500M?
Jasna Polana452.3000M?
Jasna Polana452.4125M?
Jasna Polana452.8375M?
Jasna Polana457.4125M?
Jasna Polana457.8375M?
Jasna Polana Old?456.8875M?
JB Redding151.6850B/M77.0
Multicultural Radio161.6700B?
Multicultural Radio161.7300B?
Multicultural Radio161.7600B?
Nassau Inn Ops451.7875Rd565
Nassau Inn Housekeepers451.4625Md116
Nassau Inn Room Service452.0625Md114
Nassau Inn452.1875M?
Nassau Inn452.6625M?
Nassau Inn452.7125M?
Palmer Square451.5000R?
Princeton Academy456.5625M?
Princeton Academy457.4875M?
Princeton Academy457.6625M?
Princeton Academy457.8875M?
Princeton Day School461.9625RDMR
Princeton Day School453.0625M?
Princeton Day School458.0625M?
Princeton Theo. Seminary464.8250RDMR
Springdale Country Club452.3125M?
Springdale Country Club452.7625M?
Springdale Country Club457.3125M?
Springdale Country Club457.7625M?
Tenacre Maint.?467.8500M103.5?
Unknown (Spanish)466.7000Md624
Westminster Choir College462.1875Rd503

The former municipalities of Princeton Borough and Princeton Township are consolidating into "Princeton" which has a borough form of government. At the beginning of December 2012 the separate dispatch centers were consolidated, resulting in some changes to channel usage. This information below and the frequency tables will be updated as changes are observed.

Princeton's police department is self-dispatched on the UHF repeater which was formerly for the township police department's dispatch. It seems that the former borough police department dispatch channel is now used for alternate communications. The former borough alternate channel had no observed traffic for some time even before the consolidation; it is unknown whether it is in the new channel line-up. The township police department had some officers trained as helicopter pilots; they formed the aviation unit which rented a helicopter from a local business if/when needed for searches, training, etc.

The Princeton Fire Department ("Station 60") operates out of Station 63 on Witherspoon Street. Stations 61 and 62 are now mostly used to house reserve apparatus. Dispatch to all calls is done by the county starting with paging, using the channel shown here. The local police dispatchers may still monitor the fire/EMS dispatch channel for coordination with the police.

Squad 168 is dispatched to most calls by the police department, on the same channel as the fire department. When responding with the fire department to a fire call, EMS is dispatched by county central. Princeton EMS dispatch switched back to local from Lifecomm in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Princeton Regional Schools (PRS) is the public school district serving Princeton. The "Miscellaneous" repeater has been set up for various users, each using a different DPL.

Princeton University

Conventional Channels
Trunked System506.4875RP25
Trunked System507.3625RP25
Trunked System (CC)507.4625RP25
Trunked System (CC)508.2125RP25
Trunked System (CC)508.3625RP25
Trunked System (CC)508.4625RP25
Art Museum Ops462.1500Rd263
Food Service Ops 1462.2500Rd162
Food Service Ops 2461.9875Rd114
Broadcast Station103.3000BWFM
Paging (Analog)462.8250BCSq
Regatta Play-by-Play156.3000MCSq
Engineering Tac?461.5375M?
Engineering Tac?462.7625M?
OIT Local-4?452.9875Md331?
OIT Local-5?461.6125M?
OIT Local-6?461.8875M?
Future Trunked463.5125R?
Future Trunked463.7750R?
Future Trunked463.8375R?
Future Trunked463.9125R?
Future Trunked463.9500R?
Future Trunked464.4500R?
Future Trunked464.7875R?
Future Trunked464.8375R?
Future Trunked? Typo?464.9375R?

Princeton University switched from a Motorola to a P25 trunked radio system in August of 2012. Most university services, including Princeton University Public Safety (PUPS), utilize this trunked system for communications.

The trunked system ID is BEE00-4F4 and the site ID is 001-001. Programming it as type P25 Auto is recommended but if manual tables are required, use the following: base4=506.0000 offset4=16384 step4=12.5. All talkgroups are digital clear unless specifically listed as encrypted ("enc") below; P25 systems do not support analog communications so a digital trunking scanner is required to receive anything on this system.

The art museum and food service have their own conventional channels, and certain departments appear to have conventional tactical channels. OIT in particular mentioned switching to "Local-4" in areas where the Motorola trunked system didn't have good coverage, and site protection has recently used a "Local-A" channel which is off the trunked system.

Mercer County Central (fire) and Princeton Borough (EMS) dispatch emergency services onto university property. Many fire alarms are checked out and cleared by PUPS and site protection personnel without the whole Princeton Fire Department being dispatched. Groups 102, 103, and 104 are patched to local and county channels. Group 105 is used by university employees who also volunteer with the Princeton Fire Department, to coordinate meeting places for responding to calls.

The Princeton Plasma Physica Laboratory is affiliated with the university and the US Department of Energy. Its radio channels are generally completely separate from the main university so it is listed under Plainsboro Township, Middlesex County, where it is located.

Princeton University's Trunked Radio System
CommonPublic SafetyEngineeringMaintenanceOITMiscellaneousServices
101University Calling201Dispatch (enc)301Unid401Plumbing Shop501Inventory?601Unid1301Unid
102Princeton Emerg. Svcs202Ops (enc)302Unid402Unid502Unid701Unid1302Unid
103Mercer OEM Command203Unid303Unid403Carpenter Shop503Wiring?702Unid1303Unid
104Princeton Police204P.S. Taxi?304Unid404Site Prot. Calling504Unid800Unid. All-Call1304Bldg. Svc. Calling?
105Firefighter Mustering205Unid305Unid405Site Prot. Ops505Common?801Unid1305Bldg. Svc. Ops?
106Unid206Unid306Unid406Unid506Unid802Unid1306Frist Center
107Unid207Unid307Unid407Electric Shop507Unid803Unid1307Unid
108Unid308Unid408Elevator Shop804Unid1308Unid
109Unid409Unid805Unid1309Campus Life
110Unid410Grounds Shop806Unid
111Unid411HVACR Shop807Unid1311Unid
412Locksmith Shop901Unid1312Unid
413Mason Shop1001Unid1313Parking Enf.
414Spec. Facilities Calling?1101Unid1314Tiger Transit
415Spec. Facilities Ops?1201Customer Service Main1315Unid

Robbinsville Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Dispatch460.1250R103.5
High School456.1875M?
High School456.2375M?
High School456.5125M?
High School456.6875M?
High School457.6375M?
New/ Unknown453.6000R?
New/ Unknown460.2750R?
Mackey Towing157.4850B/M?
Trenton-Robbinsville Airport123.0000B/MAM

Robbinsville Township's Police Department is self-dispatched on a UHF repeater.

Station 40 is alerted on Fire-1 and usually operates on Tac-1. The EMS component, 140, operates on Lifecomm's repeater for calls in Robbinsville and Hightstown.

City of Trenton

Public Safety & Local Government
Trunk System851.2250RMot
Trunk System851.7250RMot
Trunk System851.7625RMot
Trunk System (CC)852.4000RMot
Trunk System (CC)852.4250RMot
Trunk System (CC)852.7125RMot
Trunk System (CC)853.2125RMot
Trunk System854.2625RMot
Trunk System858.6625RMot
Police Alarms/Backup460.6000R103.5
Fire Multicast460.5750R103.5
Housing Auth506.9125R127.3
Schools Security464.7000R192.8
Schools HS Ops464.5250R127.3
Schools Buses464.2250Rd411
State Channels within Trenton
DOC CRAU Ops855.4875R151.4
DOC CRAU Paging453.3375BCSq
DOC CRAU Security New?502.8750R?
DOC CRAU Security Old?155.6550R?
DOC CRAU Maintenance?155.4375R?
DOC HQ Ops856.2625R151.4
Psych. Hosp. Guards/Paging155.0850R179.9
Psych. Hosp. Maint.156.0000R179.9
Psych. Hosp. Ops507.0125Rd026
Psych. Hosp. Housekeeping153.8150M179.9
Trenton State Prison Ops859.2625R151.4
Trenton State Prison Unknown155.0700R?
NJSP Statehouse Ops858.0875R192.8
DPMC Ops853.8625R156.7
Amtrak Station?160.7550M?
ABC Broadcasting455.2375R156.7
Austin Health Ctr464.7250R?
BPG Management461.2250Rd346
Foundation Academy464.1000R?
Hotel Paging451.9875B?
Nassau Broadcasting455.0100B?
NJ Transit Unknown161.3550B?
Quart Diamond Cab152.2850B/M151.4
REIT Management451.9625R?
Rick Bus152.3825Rd114
RNC Taxi159.8250B/M?
South Village Apts464.0250Rd732
Veolia Energy461.6250R?
Waterfront Park F-1467.7625M?
Waterfront Park F-2462.7625M?
Waterfront Park Media464.5500M?
Capital Health Regional
Capital Health Mercer
Saint Francis Med. Ctr.
Security Old?464.9125R67.0
Maintenance Old?461.8125R67.0
Housekeeping Old?464.6125Rd413
Sun National Bank Center
F-12 Titan Game Ops463.6250Md445

Trenton's services use an 800MHz Motorola Type II trunked radio system. This system has undergone rebanding, so special accommodations may be needed to program it into your scanner (and certain older scanners may not function on it). Identified talkgroups are listed below. The system ID is 6201 and the site ID is 1; if programming the configuration tables in manually, be sure to use rebanded tables.

The Police Department uses a special flavor of digital (VSELP) which current digital scanners do not support, and since it is considered an outdated it is unlikely any ever will. Police talkgroups have been omitted from the list below.

Aside from the police and certain Fire Department users, all others are analog. The main fire talkgroups will remain analog for the forseeable future because of technical issues with the over-the-air Knox box unlocking mechanism. In addition, a scan of the common fire talkgroups is multicast on the old city Fire-1 channel.

The city licenses repeaters and mobiles on the five 800 MHz I-Call/I-Tac interop channels listed on the general channels page. Trenton Fire has been heard using one of these interop channels in direct (talkaround) mode for an out-of-town water rescue assignment. Usage, if any, of the "tactical" channels listed at left is unknown.

Trenton EMS (TEMS) is dispatched by Lifecomm -- see the County-wide Fire/EMS/OEM section of this page for more information. Internal coordination is generally conducted on the EMS-2 talkgroup.

Trenton's Trunked Radio System
Emergency Services
1616Fleet Call
1648Fire 1 Dispatch
1680Fire 2 Ops
1872Fire 3 Ops
1904Fire 4 Ops
1968Fire 5 Admin
1744Fire 6
1808Fire Special Ops
1712Fire Chiefs
2032Fire Training
2000Fire Maintenance?
2224EMS Supervisors

West Windsor Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Dispatch453.3250R103.5
Fire/EMS Paging155.1975B103.5
Fire/EMS Ops151.2575R103.5
WWPRSD Buses461.2000Rd051
WWPRSD Maintenance463.4625Rd411
High School South457.0375Md412
WWPRSD Broadcast107.9000BWFM
Grover MS?451.6375Md346
Dutch Neck ES?451.4875Md411
Maurice Hawk ES456.3625Md315
Village ES?456.7125Md365
WWPRSD Tac451.3625M?
WWPRSD Tac457.1625M?
Mercer County Community College
Broadcast Station89.1000BWFM
BMS New451.3000R?
Al's Sunoco157.4700B/Md132
Avalon Watch463.5375M?
Avalon Watch468.5375M?
Carnegie Center Maint.463.4500Rd165
Carnegie Center Maint. Old?463.3625Rd165
301 Carnegie Center452.3500R?
Hyatt Housekeeping451.7250Rd223
Hyatt Maintenance464.0750Rd263
Mercer Oaks Golf452.1875M?
Mercer Oaks Golf457.1875M?
Princeton Country Club462.3625M?
Princeton Country Club467.3625M?
Princeton Land Ops464.6375R141.3
Princeton Land Old?461.7125R??
Princeton Land Old?461.8125R??
Princeton Land Old?463.4625R??
Princeton Land Old?464.2875R??
Princeton Land Old?153.0950B/M?
Princeton Land Old?153.2750B/M?
Princeton Theo. Seminary462.1625RDMR
Sarnoff Ops & ERT451.8500Rd271
Sarnoff Paging (analog)153.1400B/MCSq
Sarnoff Old?469.3125M?
Sarnoff Unknown151.7150B/M?
SJP Properties464.6875R?
Trentonian Softball Tournament
at Mercer County Park
Princeton Market Fair
Pottery Barn154.5700M74.4
Pottery Barn Kids154.5700M67.0
U/A Movies464.5500M203.5
Unknown Store464.5500M67.0
Unknown Store467.8500Md047
Unknown, Hotel?462.5875M?

West Windsor's Police Department is self-dispatched on a UHF repeater.

West Windsor fire companies are paged on one channel, often by West Windsor Police (as "275") with follow-on dispatch by Mercer on the repeater.

EMS, as Twin-W FAS and West Windsor Emergency Services, is also paged on one channel and follow-on dispatch is by West Windsor (not Lifecomm) on the same repeater as the fire companies.

Mercer-Area SMRs

Better Way Communications
Homan Communications
LTR-Passport System
Land Mobile Corp.
Mid-State Communications
Regional Paging462.8500R?
Regional Paging465.0000R?
MPS Communications
Trenton Del. Val. Bus Line?461.5250R?
Trenton Paging462.8000R?
Capital Health-Regional0-05-###
CH-Regional Security0-05-023
CH-Regional Maintenance0-05-032
CH-Regional Transport0-05-027
CH-Regional Drivers0-02-150
CH-Regional Techs0-02-151
CH-Regional Call Center0-02-157
Unknown School District0-02-150

This is a list of Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) systems known of in Mercer County. These are basically radio channels for rent, an alternative to Nextel (and there long before Nextel existed). Unless noted otherwise all use LTR trunking; TGIDs are not yet available.

It is possible that a business you are searching for is using an SMR based outside the limits of Mercer County, and it is possible that some of the SMR sites listed here are part of a larger network for wider coverage. There are too many sites outside Mercer to cover on this page; to learn more about a network, search the FCC database for other licenses under the same provider. There is information similar to this for Middlesex and Somerset Counties on their respective pages.

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