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Due to changes in my personal and professional responsibilities, I no longer have the time to dedicate to maintaining this web site which I once did, and which it truly requires.

I will leave the site up as-is with little or no maintenance because some of the information may be useful for some time yet, however that usefulness is presently somewhat limited and will further diminish with time. Other sites may now or soon provide a better resource for comparable data.

-Jim Robbins, 11/25/16

Scanning Middlesex County, New Jersey

County Trunked Radio System
County-wide Law Enforcement
County-wide Fire/ EMS/ OEM
County Other
Carteret Borough
Cranbury Township
Dunellen Borough
East Brunswick Township
Edison Township
Helmetta Borough
Highland Park Borough
Jamesburg Borough
Metuchen Borough
Middlesex Borough
Milltown Borough
Monroe Township
City of New Brunswick
North Brunswick Township
Old Bridge Township
City of Perth Amboy
Piscataway Township
Plainsboro Township
Rutgers University
Sayreville Borough
City of South Amboy
South Brunswick Township
South Plainfield Borough
South River Borough
Spotswood Borough
Woodbridge Township
Middlesex County SMRS

For all the municipalities or groups listed above, there is a table of the frequencies and a brief description of how they are used. The first field is the channel name and/or usage, the second column is the radio frequency, the third column is the type (R=repeater, B=base, M=mobile), and the fourth column is the squelch or modulation type (CSq = carrier squelch). A two-digit number in the last field represents an Logic Trunked Radio (LTR) Logical Channel Number (LCN) which is helpful for programming; any known associated talkgroups will be listed further down in the same table. A number with a "$" prefix in the final column represents the Network Access Code (NAC) for APCO P-25 digital. "DMR" in the last column indicates Digital Mobile Radio-format digital, of which MotoTRBO is one brand example.

Tables or portions of tables containing trunked talkgroup data will have headers if needed to clarify the information represented. Modes may be "Ana" (analog), "Digi" (digital), or "Enc" (digital encrypted); digital versus encrypted is not always known in EDACS since neither can be decoded by consumer scanners.

It is intended for all public safety (police/fire/EMS/OEM) and government services (roads dept/building dept/schools) channels to be listed here, plus most business repeaters and other channels which may be of particular interest. Many business channels have intentionally been omitted because researching and processing them all would be impractical. If you are searching for one not listed, try the FCC database or check if they are using an undentified talkgroup on one of the SMRs. If you are searching for additional tactical channels used by a business which has repeaters shown, try the master frequency lists. If you find or know of anything which is not listed here, please e-mail them to the author so that others may benefit.

Businesses should be listed under the municipality they are principally located in. County-wide busineses like utilities may be listed under the County Other section or with the municipality in which the main transmitter is located, even if the business serves customers in multiple municipalities.

Standard and regional channels have been omitted from this page for brevity and can be found on the General Mercer/ Middlesex/ Somerset County Channels page.

Middlesex County Trunked Radio System

Trunked Talkgroups
Countywide Public Safety02-001257Digi
County-wide Common04-001513Ana
MCC Security Dispatch Old08-0611073Digi
MCC Unidentified Old08-0621074?
MCC Unidentified Old08-0631075?
MCC Unidentified Old08-0641076?
MCC Security Tac Old08-0651077Ana
Testing F-115-0011921Ana
Testing F-215-0061926Digi
Unidentified Patch15-1542044?
Unidentified Patch15-1552045?

Update: On 2/20/13 an OpenSky control channel has come live in part of the county, so it seems the replacement for the EDACS will be OpenSky and not P25. There is no scanner capable of tracking and decoding an OpenSky system. All talkgroups listed on this page are for the EDACS.

Middlesex County operates a mixed-mode EDACS-Wideband trunked radio system on the 800 MHz band. Simulcast repeater sites are located: East Brunswick, Monroe, New Brunswick, Rutgers/ Piscataway, Sayreville, South Brunswick, and Woodbridge. The digital modulation is not APCO P-25 compliant, you will not be able to decode the digital transmissions using any consumer-marketed radio scanners available now (and there will likely never be a scanner which will).

Law enforcement and emergency services on the system, such as the prosecutor and sheriff and OEM, are now almost 100% digital. The transition from Aegis to Provoice, and the transition of remaining units from analog to digital, occurred late in 2005 and early in 2006. Other agencies and services, like the roads and transportation departments, remain analog and monitorable with many scanners.

Middlesex has begun constructing a 700 MHz OpenSky trunked system. There presently is no scanner compatible with the OpenSky format and it is highly doubtful there ever will be. Tower sites are licensed for all the same locations as the EDACS with the addition of Middlesex Borough (pending as of March 2013). It was expected that all users would eventually migrate from the EDACS to this system and the EDACS would be decommissioned however there are signs of recent improvements to the EDACS which hint it may be retained for a while yet (note: this is pure speculation at this point).

The county has licensed the following frequencies for low-power conventional/simplex use, in analog and digital voice format: 769.00625, 769.01875, 769.03125, 769.04375, 774.93125, 774.94375, 774.96875, 774.98125, 799.00625, 799.01875, 799.03125, 799.04375, 799.53750, 800.08750, 800.58750, 801.16250, 801.78750, 802.18750, 802.68750, 804.46250, 804.93125, 804.94375, 804.95625, 804.96875, 804.98125. Note that 799.5375 through 804.4625 are also OpenSky repeater inputs.

The county has a license application pending for the "Future" channels. The applied-for service is YE, the same trunked service as the EDACS system. Emmissions codes are the same as for the EDACS system. There is a single tower site proposed in East Brunswick, with mobiles on the repeater inputs. While it would seem as if this may be to expand the EDACS, that is not yet confirmed.

Middlesex County Law Enforcement / County-wide Police

Conventional Channels
DOC Adult Jail (enc)155.4150R$223
DOC Juvenile Jail (enc)155.9100B/M$223
Amtrak Police Adams161.2950R88.5
Amtrak Police Metuchen161.2950R94.8
Trunked Talkgroups
Law Enforcement Agency Call02-000256Digi
Countywide Public Safety02-001257Digi
Prosecutor Fleet Call 102-020272Digi
Prosecutor Main02-021273Digi
Police Hotline Patch02-022274Ana
Prosecutor Unknown02-023275?
Prosecutor Unknown02-024276?
Prosecutor Unknown02-025277?
Prosecutor Unknown02-026278?
Prosecutor Unknown02-027279?
Prosecutor Tac-102-030280Digi
Prosecutor Unknown02-031281Ana
Prosecutor Unknown02-032282?
Prosecutor Unknown02-033283?
Prosecutor Unknown02-034284?
Prosecutor Unknown02-035285Enc
Prosecutor Unknown02-036286?
Prosecutor Fleet Call 202-040288Digi
Prosecutor Unknown02-041289Enc
Prosecutor Unknown02-042290Enc
Prosecutor Tac-202-043291?
Prosecutor Unknown02-044292?
Prosecutor Unknown02-045293?
Prosecutor Unknown02-046294?
Prosecutor Unknown02-051297?
Prosecutor Unknown02-052298?
Prosecutor Unknown02-053299?
Sheriff Fleet Call02-060304Digi
Sheriff Main02-061305Digi
Sheriff CRT02-062306Digi
Sheriff Security02-063307Digi
Sheriff Civil Process02-064308Digi
Sheriff Transport02-065309Digi
Sheriff Investigations02-066310Digi
Sheriff Admin02-067311Digi
Sheriff Tac-102-070312Digi
Sheriff Tac-202-071313Digi
Sheriff PP Building02-072314Mix
Sheriff Unknown02-073315Digi
Sheriff Family Courthouse02-074316Digi
Sheriff Criminal Courthouse02-075317Digi
Corrections Fleet Call02-080320?
Adult Corrections Dispatch02-081321Digi
Juvenile Corrections?02-101337Digi
Rangers Fleet Call08-0401056Ana
Rangers Dispatch08-0411057Ana
Rangers Tac-108-0421058Digi
Rangers Special Events08-0431059Digi
Rangers Tac-208-0441060Digi
Rangers Unidentified08-0451061?
Rangers Admin08-0461062?
Rangers Unidentified08-0471063?
Mutual Aid Agency Call12-0001536?
Police Mutual Aid Fleet12-0201552?
Police Mutual Aid 112-0211553Digi
Police Mutual Aid 212-0221554Digi
Police Mutual Aid 312-0231555Digi
Police Mutual Aid 412-0241556Digi
Police Mutual Aid 512-0251557Digi
Police Mutual Aid 612-0261558Digi
Police Mutual Aid 712-0271559Digi
Police Mutual Aid 812-0301560Digi
Police Mutual Aid 912-0311561Digi
Police Mutual Aid 1012-0321562Digi?
Sheriff Bulletin Patch15-1562046Ana

The primary channel for inter-department police communications is the UHF "Police Hotline", which is also patched into an analog talkgroup. Most police dispatch agencies have the input to the UHF repeater and tests are performed each day at 0100 and 1100 hours.

The corrections facilities on Route 130 in North Brunswick use P-25 encrypted communications. There is no scanner capable of receiving P-25 encrypted communications, P-25-capable scanners are only capable of receiving unencrypted P-25 signals.

While most of these talkgroups are noted as digital, there is occasionally analog traffic on them. Most frequently it is one of the Sheriff dispatch consoles which transmit in analog even as all other units are using digital. Other times it might be a radio which is incapable of digital or is set to analog, so if there is space in your scanner's memory it may be worth programming all these in. The Sheriff Bulletin Patch talkgroup has patched into the following talkgroups for announcements: 305, 306, 308, 309, 310, 311, 312, 313, 316, 317, 1057.

Refer to the General Channels page for more information on state-wide and nation-wide interoperability channels.

Middlesex County-wide Fire & EMS & OEM

Conventional Channels
Fire Mutual Aid453.5750R107.2
NJFFS B10 Operations151.5875R179.9
Fire Academy F-1 Ops Repeater453.7125R162.2
Fire Academy F-2 Alt Repeater453.8125R162.2
Fire Academy F-3 Ops Direct453.7125M162.2
Fire Academy F-4 Alt Direct453.8125M162.2
Fire Academy F-5151.8800M?100.0
D-Net Fire Buffs462.5750R91.5
E-Net Fire Buffs461.5750R91.5
JEMS 1 Alerting155.2200B/M103.5
JEMS 3 EMS Coordination155.2800B/M103.5
JEMS 4 Disaster Coordination153.7850M131.8
EMS Mutual Aid "V-MARS"151.1600Rd051
MedCentral F-4 "JEMS 4"153.7850M103.5
MedCentral F-5 Operations155.3250Rd051
MedCentral F-6 Tactical "Citywide"155.3550B/M69.3
RWJUH EMS Unknown151.8650M?
OEM VHF / Alerting155.9550R103.5
OEM 800857.2625R162.2
American Red Cross47.4200B/M146.2
Trunked Channels
Countywide Public Safety02-001257Digi
OEM VHF Patch03-024404Ana
Fire Marshall Fleet Call08-0601072?
Fire Marshall Main08-0661078Digi
Metro Strike Team Ops-108-0671079Digi
Metro Strike Team Ops-208-0701080Digi
Metro Strike Team Ops-308-0711081Ana
Metro Strike Team Ops-408-0721082Ana
Emergency Agency Call10-0001280Digi
OEM Fleet Call10-0201296Digi
OEM Main10-0211297Digi
OEM EMS10-0221298Digi
OEM Fire10-0231299Digi
OEM Field Command Post10-0241300Digi
OEM Field Command10-0251301Digi
OEM Field Ops 110-0261302Digi
OEM Tac-110-0271303Digi
OEM Scene-110-0301304Digi
OEM Unknown10-0311305Digi
OEM Unknown10-0321306Digi
OEM Unknown10-0331307Digi
OEM EMRAD/Mun. Coord.10-0341308Ana
OEM REMS-110-0351309Ana
OEM REMS-210-0361310Ana?
OEM REMS-3?10-0371311Ana
HazMat Fleet Call10-0401312Digi
HazMat Dispatch10-0411313Digi
HazMat Ops-110-0421314Digi
HazMat Ops-210-0431315Digi
HazMat Ops-310-0441316Digi
HazMat Ops-410-0451317Digi
HazMat Ops-510-0461318Digi
HazMat Ops-610-0471319Ana
HazMat Ops-710-0501320?
HazMat or Other?10-0511321Ana
HazMat or Other?10-0521322?
Mutual Aid Agency Call12-0001536?
Fire Mutual Aid Fleet12-0401568?
Fire Mutual Aid 112-0411569Ana
Fire Mutual Aid 212-0421570Ana
Fire Mutual Aid 312-0431571Ana
Fire Mutual Aid 412-0441572Ana
Fire Mutual Aid 512-0451573Ana
Fire Mutual Aid 612-0461574Ana
Fire Mutual Aid 712-0471575Ana
Fire Mutual Aid 812-0501576Ana
Fire Mutual Aid 912-0511577Ana
Fire Mutual Aid 1012-0521578Ana
Fire Mutual Aid Conv. Patch12-0531579Ana
EMS Mutual Aid Fleet12-0601584?
EMS Mutual Aid 112-0611585Digi
EMS Mutual Aid 212-0621586Digi
EMS Mutual Aid 312-0631587Digi
EMS Mutual Aid 412-0641588Digi
EMS Mutual Aid 512-0651589Digi
EMS Mutual Aid 612-0661590Digi
EMS Mutual Aid 712-0671591Digi
EMS Mutual Aid 812-0701592Digi
EMS Mutual Aid 9? 10?12-0721594Digi
EMS VMARS Patch12-0731595Ana
EMS Mutual Aid 10?12-0741596Digi
Fire & EMS Stations
19--Rutgers Univ. ESn/aRutgers
20B10NJ Forest Fire Servicen/an/a
2166PPPL ESUn/aPlainsboro
2257Applegarth Engine Co.2Monroe
2323a/bMonroe Fire District 33Monroe
24--Arbor Hose Company3Piscataway
25--Avenel FC#15Woodbridge
26900Brookview VFC3E. Brunswick
271/3ACarteret FD--Carteret
281/2/3Cheesequake VFC2Old Bridge
29--Colonia Vol. Chem. H&L Co.12Woodbridge
3048FCranbury FD--Cranbury
311Defender No.1 of Dunellen--Dunellen
32800E.B. Independent FC2E. Brunswick
33?Edison FD--Edison
34--Fords VFC7Woodbridge
35--Holmes Marshall FC2Piscataway
361Helmetta VFD--Helmetta
371Highland Park VFD--Highland Park
38--Hopelawn Engine Co.#18Woodbridge
39--Iselin VFC11Woodbridge
40--Iselin VFC#19Woodbridge
4124Kingston VFC3S. Brunswick
42?Jamesburg FD--Jamesburg
43--Laurence Harbor FC1Old Bridge
44--Madison Park FC4Old Bridge
45--Keasbey Protection FC#14Woodbridge
4649Plainsboro FC--Plainsboro
4747Metuchen FD--Metuchen
481/2/3/4Middlesex FD (4 co's)--Middlesex
4962?/?Milltown FD--Milltown
5020/21Monmouth Junction VFC2S. Brunswick
5151Monroe Township VFC #11Monroe
52--N.B. FD--New Brunswick
53--New Market FC1Piscataway
541N.B. Vol. Engine Co. #1--N. Brunswick
552N.B. Vol. Engine Co. #2--N. Brunswick
56--North Stelton FC4Piscataway
57700Old Bridge VFC1E. Brunswick
58--Perth Amboy FD--Perth Amboy
59--Port Reading FC2Woodbridge
60--Possumtown FC2Piscataway
613N.B. Vol. Fire/Ladder Co. #3--N. Brunswick
6222/23Kendall Park VFC1S. Brunswick
63--River Road FC2Piscataway
65--Sayreville FD--Sayreville
66--South Amboy FD--S. Amboy
67--South Old Bridge FC3Old Bridge
68--South Plainfield Fire--S. Plainfield
70--South River Fire--S. River
71--Spotswood Fire--Spotswood
72--Woodbridge FC1Woodbridge
##?Carteret FAS--Carteret
##Sq48Cranbury FAS--Cranbury
##?Dunellen RS--Dunellen
##600E.B. RS--E. Brunswick
##?Edison FARS #1--Edison
##?Edison EMS-Squad 2--Edison
##?Clara Barton FAS--Edison
##?Highland Park Vol. FAS--Highland Park
##?Jamesburg FARS--Jamesburg
##?Metuchen FAS--Metuchen
##?Middlesex RS--Middlesex
##?Milltown Rescue Squad--Milltown
##--Monroe Township FAS--Monroe
##--RWJUH EMS--New Brunswick
##--N.B. FARS--N. Brunswick
##--Cheesequake Vol. FAS--Old Bridge
##--Laurence Harbor FAS--Old Bridge
##--Madison Park FAS--Old Bridge
##--Old Bridge EMS (G&W)--Old Bridge
##--Old Bridge FARS (R&W)--Old Bridge
##--Arbor RS--Piscataway
##--River Road RS--Piscataway
##--North Stelton RS--Piscataway
##100Plainsboro RS--Plainsboro
##--Plainsboro EMS--Plainsboro
##--Sayreville ES--Sayreville
##--Morgan FAS--Sayreville
##--South Amboy FAS--S. Amboy
##--Monmouth Junction FAS--S. Brunswick
##--Kendall Park FARS--S. Brunswick
##--Kingston FARS--S. Brunswick
##--South Brunswick EMS--S. Brunswick
##--South Plainfield FAS--S. Plainfield
##--Spotswood FAS--Spotswood
##--Spotswood EMS--Spotswood
##--Avenel/Colonia FAS--Woodbridge
##--Colonia FAS--Woodbridge
##--Port Reading FAS--Woodbridge
##--Woodbridge EMS--Woodbridge

County uses its old VHF-Hi operations repeater for OEM and HazMat alerting. The UHF repeater is used for fire mutual aid coordination, and the 800MHz repeater is available for OEM and mutual aid use though it sees little activity.

Section B10 of the NJ Forest Fire Service uses the regular state DEP channels (see General Channels) for official communications and a talk-around channel for informal and small-scale response communications. B10 is expected to switch those communications to a repeater soon, if they haven't already.

Two "buff network" channels are listed; D-Net seems to be the less-formal sibling to E-Net. Both are located in or around South River and both are not officially related to the county but may be of interest to scanning enthousiasts.

Refer to individual municipalities for local fire and EMS channels. All in-county Advanced Life Support (ALS=paramedics) is dispatched by MedCentral with alerting on JEMS 1 and operations on F-5. Medics usually get physician control by phone. Most medic units can communicate directly with the dispatch center they are responding into on the local channel or talkgroup.

Basic Life Support (BLS=ordinary ambulances) sometimes use JEMS 2 (and more often, seemingly, cell phones) to contact hospital emergency departments with in-bound patient reports. All the JEMS are used as coordination channels. JEMS 4 technically has a transmit (only) PL of 131.8 but MedCentral units did and may still emit a PL of 103.5 on it.

MedCentral is now using vehicle location technology to dispatch ALS (and maybe BLS as well) resources on a closest-basis unit. With that in mind, following are typical coverage areas for the ALS units:
MedRescue 1
RWJ transport-capable ALS for New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Highland Park, Piscataway, & Franklin.
MedRescue 2
RWJ non-transport ALS for East Brunswick, Old Bridge, & Spotswood.
MedRescue 3
RWJ non-transport ALS for South Brunswick, Franklin, Plainsboro.
MedRescue 4
RWJ critical care transport, also backs up MedRescue 1.
MedRescue 5
RWJ critical care backup, also backs up MedRescue.
MedRescue 6
RWJ non-transport ALS for Monroe, Jamesburg, & Cranbury.
RBMC transport-capable ALS for Perth Amboy & Woodbridge.
RBMC transport-capable ALS for Sayreville, South Amboy, & Old Bridge. Also critical care transports.
Mercy 6
JFK non-transport ALS for Plainfield, North Plainfield, Watchung, and Green Brook.
Mercy 7
JFK non-transport ALS for Plainfield, North Plainfield, Watchung, and Green Brook. Transitioning from days-only to 24/7.
Mercy 9
JFK non-transport ALS for Edison and Woodbridge.
Mercy 10
JFK non-transport ALS for Edison and Woodbridge. Transitioning from days-only to 24/7.
Ambulance 866
RWJ pediatric critical care transport.
Ambulances 801-806
RWJ transport BLS units, which are also assigned to EMS as needed.

Middlesex County Other Services

Conventional Channels
Mosquito Control44.8800B/M103.5
County College SecurityEdison TRS
County College Security Tac (enc)464.6750M$104
County College Maintenance464.6750R156.7
Utilities Authority153.8000B/M110.9
Trunked Talkgroups
Highways & Bridges Agency Call04-000512Ana
Central Vehicle Trouble04-002514Ana
DPW/Parks Coordination04-003515Ana
DPW Snow 1 / Area 104-004516Ana
DPW Snow 2 / Area 204-005517Ana
DPW Snow 3 / Area 304-006518Ana
DPW Snow 4 / Area 404-007519Ana
DPW Snow 5 / Area 504-010520Ana
DPW Snow 604-011521Ana
Roads Fleet Call04-020528Ana
Roads Dispatch04-021529Ana
Roads Administration04-022530Ana
Roads Paving-104-023531Ana
Roads Paving-2?04-024532Ana
Roads Engineering04-025533Ana
Veh. Maint. Fleet Call04-040544Ana
Veh. Maint. Light Equip.04-041545Ana
Veh. Maint. Heavy Equip.04-042546Ana
Engineering Fleet Call04-060560Ana
Engineering Main04-061561Ana
Public Property Fleet Call04-080576Ana
Public Property Main04-081577Ana
Public Property Alt04-082578Ana
Services Agency Call 106-000768Ana
Health Fleet Call06-020784?
Health Dispatch06-021785Ana
Health Tac-106-022786Ana
Health Unknown06-023787?
Health Reserve06-024788?
Health HR-106-025789Ana
Health Command06-026790?
Health Tac-3?06-027791Ana
Health Director06-030792?
Health Tac-206-031793Ana
Health Inspectors06-032794Ana
Health Environmental Dispatch06-033795Ana
Health Nursing?06-034796?
Health Local06-035797?
Authorities Fleet06-040800Ana
Roosevelt Care Centers06-041801Ana
Utilities Authority Ch.106-045805Ana
Utilities Authority Ch.206-046806Ana
Transportation Fleet Call06-060816Ana
Area-wide Transport.06-061817Ana
Services Agency Call 208-0001024Ana
Parks Fleet Call08-0201040Ana
Parks Dispatch08-0211041Ana
Parks Administration08-0221042Ana
Parks Theatre08-0231043Ana
Repair Techs Fleet Call09-0201168?
Repair Techs F-109-0311177Ana
Repair Techs F-209-0321178Digi
Repair Techs F-309-0331179Ana
Repair Techs F-4?09-0341180Digi
Repair Techs F-6?09-0361182Digi
Repair Techs?1278?

Nearly all county services now operate on the trunked system in analog mode. A list of talkgroups is to the side; for system information and frequencies, see the trunked radio system section of this page.

The utilities authority seems to chiefly operate on their VHF-Hi simplex channel and, possibly, cell phones. Two analog talkgroups were also used during Hurricane Irene. Roosevelt Care Centers (operated by the county Improvement Authority) used a talkgroup during Hurricane Sandy to coordinate between facilities, but use conventional channels for individual facility operations. The other talkgroups in that numeric region may be used by the MCIA, MCUA, or other similar entities.

Carteret Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Dispatch470.3625R146.2
Police Alternate472.7500R146.2
Police Tactical?474.4250M146.2?
Fire Alerting33.8200B/MCSq
Fire Ops477.2500Rd072
Fire Tac453.8875Md072?
Fire Tac453.9625Md072?
Housing Authority463.3000R74.4?
Schools Tac464.6625Md411
Schools Tac467.3875Md411?
Schools Tac467.4375Md411?
Insurance Auto Auction452.6375Md311
Kinder Morgan461.6500Rd132
Kinder Morgan461.7000R?
Kinder Morgan463.4250Rd132
Kinder Morgan464.0250R?
Kinder Morgan464.0750Rd754
Kinder Morgan464.2250Rd516
Kinder Morgan464.3750R179.9
Oxford Tech467.9000M141.3
White Rose462.2375Rd654

Carteret Borough's Police Department is self-dispatched on a UHF repeater. A new repeater has been heard to have traffic with speech inversion; it is probably an alternate or secure channel for the PD. With the license modification adding the second repeater, a simplex channel was also added.

The Carteret Fire Department is alerted on low-band and operates on a UHF repeater.

The Carteret First Aid Squad ceased to operate at the end of March 2013, due to reported financial causes (costs exceeding revenue). The Carteret Fire Department, which had been providing daytime EMS coverage, now provides EMS around the clock.

Carteret OEM uses a UHF repeater for their ordinary operations, and presumably has access to all the borough's other channels as well.

Cranbury Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Fire Dispatch460.4000R131.8
EMS Talk-Around156.1350Rd152
Schools Ops451.7875Rd431?
Schools Tac Old?154.6000M?
Schools Tac461.7875M?
Schools Tac463.8375M?
Schools Tac463.8875M?
Purdue Pharma461.9125Rd431
Purdue Pharma464.8125R?

Cranbury Township's contract for dispatch services by Hightstown has expired and it moved to police dispatch by South Brunswick and fire/ EMS dispatch by Mercer County.

The Cranbury Police Department is dispatch by South Brunswick on Cranbury's own channel.

Cranbury Fire, Station 48, is dispatched by Mercer County.

Cranbury First Aid, Squad 148, is paged by Mercer County on Fire-1. It uses its own VHF channel for internal coordination and communicates with the dispatch center on the trunked channel specified during the alerting, often East Response 1. Refer to Mercer County Fire/EMS for the relevant system/ chanel data.

Dunellen Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
PolicePiscataway TRS
Fire Dispatch158.8200R186.2
EMS Dispatch153.9800R156.7
EMS Future Alerting158.7300B186.2
DPWPiscataway TRS

Dunellen Borough's Police Department is dispatched by Piscataway and operates on Piscataway's trunked system. The switch was made in late 2012 and thus far most communications, but not quite 100%, are encrypted.

The Dunellen fire department is dispatched by Piscataway on its own repeater. Pager tests are run daily at about 18:15, after the Piscataway tests are complete.

The Dunellen first aid squad continues to be dispatched by Piscataway on the repeater which they shared with the police department. On 12/10/12 Piscataway was heard testing DFAS pagers on 158.73 so it is expected that alerting, and possibly dispatch, will move to that channel. It is also possible that dispatch will move to a talkgroup on Piscataway's system. Pager tests are run daily at about 18:15, after the Piscataway tests are complete.

Dunellen DPW communicates on Piscataway's trunked system, on an encrypted channel which no scanner can receive.

East Brunswick Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Trunked System500.3125RMOT
Trunked System500.4375RMOT
Trunked System (CC)500.5875RMOT
Trunked System (CC)500.8375RMOT
Trunked System (CC)502.4875RMOT
Trunked System (CC)502.6625RMOT
Fire Alerting33.8200BCSq
Fire/EMS Backup453.3750R156.7
Fire Multicast33.7200BCSq
Fire Tactical453.9625M156.7
Fire Dist 1 Unused158.8650R?
Fire Dist 1 Unused151.4450B/M?
EMS Alerting/Ops150.9500Rd703
EMS Tactical158.3550Md703
EMS Ground150.9500Md703
EMS Local-1151.8200Md703
EMS Local-2151.8800Md703
EMS Local-3151.9400Md703
Schools District Ops461.8500Rd465
Schools EBHS461.7375Rd612
Schools CJHS452.6875M?
Schools Tac451.7375M?
Schools Tac452.4125M?
Schools Tac452.6875M?
Schools Tac452.7625M?
Schools Tac452.8125M?
Schools Tac462.2375M?
Schools Tac462.3625M?
Schools Tac464.0125M?
Schools Tac464.0875M?
Schools Tac464.2125M?
Schools Tac467.3625M?
Schools Tac469.0125M?
Schools Tac469.0875M?
Atlantic Response461.6125R?
Bruns Sq Mall Security452.3000Rd432
Bruns Sq Mall Ops451.9000Rd074
Bruns Sq Mall Tac467.7500M?
Tamarack Golf Course452.5625R?
Tamarack Golf Course461.6375R?
Tamarack Golf Course462.2875M?
Tamarack Golf Course462.3625M?
Tamarack Golf Course462.4125M?
Tamarack Golf Course467.3625M?
Tamarack Golf Course467.4125M?
Transmed Ops155.2950B/M97.4

Update: East Brunswick has switched their trunked system from Motorola to P25. Information on the new system is still being gathered. P25 systems are all-digital and require a digital scanner, though it is not yet clear which users (if any) are clear and which are encrypted. No consumer scanner is capable of decoding encrypted signals.

East Brunswick Township operates a Motorola Type II UHF trunked radio system consisting of six repeater pairs in the 500 MHz area. The system ID is 5E30 and the site number is 0. This system has been in use since about 1998, and seems to be used by all township services plus all South River Borough services (since late 2000), Milltown Borough fire (since 2003), and Spotswood Fire and EMS (since 2005). A comprehensive listing of talkgroups is below; the base frequency is 500.300, the offset is 380, and the step is 12.5.

The East Brunswick Police Department is entirely on the trunked system.

The old Emergency Services repeater is being maintained as a backup to the trunked system. For a period of time it was used by MedRescue 2, and (at that time) it appeared that EB dispatch always monitored this channel. More recently MR2 has been operating on the trunked system.

The East Brunswick Fire Department is comprised of the following districts and companies:

  1. District One, Old Bridge Volunteer Fire Company, 7## Units;
  2. District Two, East Brunswick Independent Fire Company, 8## Units;
  3. District Three, Brookview Volunteer Fire Company, 9## Units.

All are alerted to calls in their individual primary territories on 33.82/156.7. Units generally communicate on the Fire Ops talkgroup, with one ops talkgroup and one "private" talkgroup for each district. 33.72 carries a live multicast of the ops talkgroups and alerts on 33.82. Pager tests are run daily at about 18:30.

The East Brunswick Rescue Squad (6## units) is alerted and operates internally on a VHF-Hi repeater. Rigs still communicate with dispatch mostly on the trunked system, but the VHF channels are to be used for scene operations and most communication between rigs on different calls. TransMed (paid daytime BLS) operates on the EMS Dispatch talkgroup, and is hailed there rather than paged. Pager tests are run daily at about 18:30.

East Brunswick's municipal services operate exclusively on the trunked system. The school system operates mostly on conventional, but has used one talkgroup for roll-call.

Edison Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Trunked System470.8750RMOT
Trunked System (CC)471.1250RMOT
Trunked System (CC)471.4000RMOT
Trunked System (CC)472.2250RMOT
Trunked System (CC)472.4500RMOT
Trunked System472.7000RMOT
Trunked System478.7125RMOT
Police Tac (encrypted)458.5250M$293
Fire Alerting & Multicast460.5250R136.5
Fire Tac-3465.5250Md031
Fire Tac-4465.6125M136.5
EMS Alerting & Multicast453.5250R114.8
EMS Alt/Tac "JEMS 5"155.1600B/M229.1
OEM Broadcast1.6200BAM
Schools Main461.6000Rd503
Schools Secondary452.3750Rd503
Schools Schools467.0125MDCS
Schools Schools468.2125MDCS
Schools JPSHS464.3000Rd503
Schools EHS464.6000Rd503
Federal Channels within Edison
US EPA Security168.3500M192.8
US EPA Ch-2151.6850M192.8
USPS Kilmer F-1 Supervisors409.7375R136.5
USPS Kilmer F-2 Ops407.9375R136.5
USPS Kilmer F-3 Transport409.1375R136.5
USPS Inspectors407.7250R$482
USPS Kilmer Inspectors input416.7250i$482
Akzo Nobel464.3500R203.5
Akzo Nobel469.9125Md664?
Alfieri Tac462.1750M114.8
Best Buy Warehouse?463.5125R?
Convention Center Ch-1464.5000Md114
Convention Center Ch-2464.5500Md115
Convention Center Ch-3469.5000Md116
Convention Center Ch-4469.5500Md122
DotCom Distribution462.2625M79.7
Durham Woods Maintenance453.0000Rd026
Elizabethtown Gas47.7200B?
Elizabethtown Gas472.9875R82.5
FedEx Smartpost Ops451.7250Rd155
FedEx Smartpost Tac452.4375Md155
Forest Electric463.2500R?
IONJ1 Data Centers463.4625R173.8
Lakeview School464.5500M67.0
Mobil Oil Ops462.4250Rd116
Mobil Oil462.4000R?
Pathmark Warehouse463.5875R173.8
Pathmark Warehouse463.6375R173.8
Pathmark Warehouse463.7875R173.8
Pathmark Warehouse464.9875B/M173.8
Plainfield CC159.5400M?
Plainfield CC159.5700M?
Plainfield CC159.6450M?
Plainfield CC452.4125M100.0
Plainfield CC452.6875M100.0
Plainfield CC462.3875M?
Plainfield CC462.4375M?
Plainfield CC467.3875M?
TransEd School Buses152.8775Rd165
UPS Plant Ops452.8875B/Md631
JFK Medical Center
Hartwyck-Oak Tree452.1125Md627
Hartwyck-Oak Tree462.3625MDigi?
Hartwyck-Oak Tree467.3625MDigi?
Oak Tree N.H.467.8625M?
Menlo Park Mall
Mall Security153.4025Rd432
Mall Security Old464.4375R?192.8
Mall Maintenance153.2525Rd445
Mall Tactical Old468.5875M192.8
Cheesecake Factory464.5500M67.0
Cheesecake Factory467.8750M67.0
Rainforest Cafe464.9750Md073

Edison Township utilizes a Motorola Type 2 UHF mixed-mode trunked radio system; system voice is analog and P-25 digital clear and P-25 digital encrypted. Refer to RadioReference.com for the latest talkgroup and system information. The system ID is 7C12 and the site number is 1; two configurations are required to trunk this system: Base1= 470.0000, Offset1= 380, Spacing1= 12.5; Base2= 477.0000, Offset2= 600, Step2= 12.5.

With the exception of a few conventional backup/tactical channels, rarely used if at all, the Police Department operates entirely on the trunked system. Generally speaking, the police talkgroups are digital encrypted and can not be properly decoded by any scanner.

The Fire Department is alerted on their old UHF dispatch channel, which also carries a multicast of select fire talkgroups. Most subsequent activity is on the trunked system, though they maintained ability on UHF simplex channels for fireground and tactical operations. Generally speaking, the fire talkgroups are digital and require an APCO digital-compliant scanner to be decoded.

Edison EMS, including Edison First Aid Squad #1, Edison First Aid Squad #2, and Clara Barton First Aid Squad, are all alerted on the old police dispatch channel, which also carries a multicast of select EMS talkgroups. Most subsequent activity is on the trunked system, though they may still have ability on some of the old conventional channels; the old EMS Dispatch frequency has been rolled into the trunked system. Generally speaking, the EMS talkgroups are digital and require an APCO digital-capable scanner to be decoded. EMS units are now numbered as follows: 401 is the daytime paid south rig (Squad 1); 402 is the daytime paid north rig (Squad 2); 403 is the daytime paid central rig (Clara Barton); 404 is the daytime paid "Station 7" backup (Raritan Center); 405 is the nighttime paid rig. 511 and 512 are the Squad 1 first- and second-due; 521 and 522 are the Squad 2 first- and second-due; 531 and 532 are the Clara Barton first- and second-due. 500 is the Chief of Raritan Valley EMS and 509x are the volunteer tour chiefs, with "x" being the particular officer.

EMS Update: On August 1 EMS will be provided by JFK Hospital. Dispatch is expected to be by MedCentral on its usual channels (JEMS-1, Ops, etc.).

It is believed that all Edison Township services, such as public works and municipal departments, operate exclusively on the trunked system.

Edison schools have two district-wide repeaters, and one repeater each for the high schools. Every other school uses one or both of the low-power, simplex channels; DCS codes vary by school.

Helmetta Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Fire Alerting33.8200B167.9
Fire Operations470.7500R156.7
Fire Realert & Ops Multicast33.6200B?

Helmetta Borough contracts with Spotswood Borough for dispatch services. An old East Brunswick Sentinal article outlines the arrangement.

The Helmetta Police Department is dispatched on East Brunswick's trunked system by Spotswood.

The Helmetta Fire Department has recently moved their operations from low-band to UHF. Alerting remains on low-band, but with a different PL. The old alternate channel should now (or soon) have retransmission of alerts plus multicast of the UHF operations channel.

EMS for Helmetta is provided by Spotswood.

Highland Park Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Dispatch1850Cty TRSDigi
Police Off Duty Details1851Cty TRSDigi
Detectives1852Cty TRSDigi
Detectives Spec. Asgnmnt.1853Cty TRSDigi
Administration1854Cty TRSDigi
OEM1855Cty TRSDigi
Patrol Talk-Around1856Cty TRSDigi
Boro-wide?1857Cty TRSDigi
Police Backup460.4250R114.8
Fire Dispatch453.8500R114.8
EMS Dispatch453.8500R114.8
Schools Tac451.1875Md023?
Schools Tac451.3125M?
Schools Tac451.4125M?
Schools Tac452.1875M?
Schools Tac467.1875M?
High School90.3000BWFM
AA Checker Cab152.3900B131.8
AA Checker Cab157.6500M131.8

Highland Park Borough's Police Department is self-dispatched on the county's trunked radio system.

The Highland Park Fire Department is alerted on low-band and operates on a UHF repeater.

The Highland Park First Aid Squad is alerted and operates on a UHF repeater.

DPW may occasionally use the same repeater as fire and EMS but has largely switched to cell phones for most communications.

Jamesburg Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Dispatch1831Cty TRSDigi
Police Alternate1832Cty TRSAna
Detectives1833Cty TRSDigi
Police 4-Alternate1834Cty TRSAna
Fire Alerting155.5800Rd331
Fire Ops155.6100B/Md331
Fire Tac?154.2500B/Md331
Fire Tac?154.3700B/Md331
EMS Dispatch155.5800Rd331

Jamesburg Borough's Police Department is self-dispatched on a digital talkgroup on the county's trunked system, with digital and analog talkgroups available for alternate use. From all appearances the switch to the county's system from the VHF repeater is permanent. The two UHF repeaters were licensed before that switch took place and it is unknown whether they will be used for emergency and municipal services or if their planned use was replaced by the county system.

The Jamesburg Fire Department is alerted on the VHF repeater and chiefly operates on 155.610. The other listed channels may be used for fireground or tactical. Fire pager tests are run daily at about 1745.

The Jamesburg First Aid and Rescue Squad is alerted & dispatched on the VHF repeater. First aid pager tests are run daily at about 1745.

Metuchen Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Dispatch472.0500Rd156
Fire Dispatch453.5750Rd664
Fire Ground453.0375Md664
EMS Dispatch478.8250Rd712
Municipal Services155.0100R156.7
DPW New460.1875Rd631
Town-wide Common458.0375Md664
OEM Broadcast1.5800BAM
High School New452.1625M?
High School New452.6375M?
High School New452.8625M?
High School New457.4875M?
High School Old462.2750M?
High School Old463.2250M?
Brazill Brothers462.4375Rd364
St. Francis152.4425RDMR

Metuchen Borough's Police Department moved their primary dispatch to a UHF repeater in the middle of November 2005.

The Metuchen Fire Department operates on a UHF repeater, with a low-power channel for fireground and tactical usage. It seems that they have designated the other tactical channel they licensed as a town-wide common channel.

The Metuchen First Aid Squad is now alerted and operates on a UHF repeater. The old low-band alerting channel has been abandoned and the old high-band repeater (formerly PD & EMS dispatch) is now used by select municipal services. EMS is supplemented at weekday daytime by 601 from JFK Hospital, dispatched by MedCentral.

Metuchen DPW continues to operate on their high-band channel, and uses the high-band repeater to call the police dispatcher. The transportation department operates on the former (VHF) police repeater.

The Metuchen High School licenses a handful of UHF channels for low-power mobile use.

Middlesex Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Dispatch156.0525Rd703
Police Tac?155.3100B/Md703?
Fire Dispatch154.4450Rd703
EMS Dispatch156.0525Rd703
OEM Broadcast1.6400BAM

Middlesex Borough's Police Department is self-dispatched on a high-band repeater.

The Middlesex Fire Department is dispatched and operates on a high-band repeater.

The Middlesex Rescue Squad is dispatched on the police channel.

Middlesex Borough OEM operates on a high-band repeater.

Milltown Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Fleet Call1616Cty TRSAna?
Police Dispatch1617Cty TRSDigi
Police Tac1618Cty TRSDigi
Unknown, Detectives?1619Cty TRSDigi
Unknown1620Cty TRSDigi
Unknown1621Cty TRSDigi
Fire Dispatch1622Cty TRSAna
Fireground1623Cty TRSAna
Fireground "Digital"1624Cty TRSAna
Fireground?1625Cty TRSAna
Fire Chiefs1626Cty TRSDigi
Fire Officers1627Cty TRSDigi
EMS Ops1628Cty TRSDigi
Unknown1629Cty TRSDigi
Borough-Wide Common1630Cty TRSAna
Rescue Ops1631Cty TRSDigi
Unknown1633Cty TRSDigi
Unknown1635Cty TRSAna
Fire Alerting156.0000B/M151.4
Fire DispatchEast Brunswick TRS
Fire Fireground460.5625M156.7
Fire Fireground465.5625M156.7
EMS Dispatch156.0000B/M151.4

Milltown Borough is in the process of switching to the county's trunked system. The police department switched on 1/25/13; it is suspected that additional services, including the rescue squad and possibly also the fire department and DPW, will soon be switching.

Milltown Borough's Police Department is self-dispatched on talkgroups on the county's trunked system.

The Milltown Fire Department is alerted on high-band and operates on East Brunswick's trunked system. A couple conventional fireground channels may be used for major incidents.

The Milltown Rescue Squad is alerted and dispatched on the same high-band channel as the fire department. They have ability on EB's TRS, but apparently for coordinating with the FD. Pager tests are done at 2200 each day.

Monroe Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Trunked System507.1125RMOT
Trunked System (CC)507.6625RMOT
Trunked System (CC)507.9125RMOT
Trunked System (CC)508.3875RMOT
Trunked System (CC)508.7875RMOT
Fire Alerting154.4300Bd565
Fire Tactical Ops-1504.5750Md723
Fire Tactical Ops-2504.7750Md723
Fire Tactical Ops-3505.7750Md723
High School461.5375Rd732?
High School Maintenance461.8875Rd026
State Channels within Monroe
NJJJC Training School Ops856.2625R151.4
NJJJC Training School158.9250B/M?
Barnes & Noble462.5250R?
Clearbrook Tac463.8875M?
Clearbrook Tac463.9875M?
Regency Golf151.6550Md306?
Regency Golf151.7450M?
Regency Golf151.9550M?
Regency Homeowners452.1875M?
Regency Homeowners457.1875M?
Regency Homeowners456.3625M?
Regency Homeowners456.9750M?
Wittingham Golf Club452.1125M?
Wittingham Golf Club456.4125M?
Wittingham Golf Club457.8125M?
Wittingham Golf Club467.2125M?

Monroe Township utilizes an analog UHF Motorola Type II trunked radio system for all services. A comprehensive listing of talkgroups is below; the base frequency is 507.0125, the offset is 380, and the step is 25.0.

The Police Department operates entirely on the trunked system. Note: in early February 2009 Monroe PD switched dispatch to a new talkgroup using digital encryption.

The Monroe Fire Department is comprised of three companies: Station 51 (Monroe Township Volunteer Fire Company #1) is District 1; Station 57 (Applegarth Engine Company) is District 2; Station 23 is District 3. All three respond to their individual primary territories. Fire alerting is done on high-band and most operations are on the trunked system. There are three conventional tactical channels available, as well as numerous licensed channels for mutual aid to Mercer, Middlesex, and Monmouth Counties.

Monroe Township EMS does not seem to be alerted via radio. New dispatches go out over the EMS Dispatch talkgroup, and possibly via phone to the squadhouse.

Public works and the Municipal Utilities Authority operate on the trunked system. The school system has three known talkgroups for: school buses, disrict-wide maintenance, and high school operations, though more recently the high school has begun using a couple conventional channels.

Monroe's Trunked Radio System
PoliceFire/EMS/OEMServicesPublic WorksOther
00016AnaFleet00624AnaEmerg. Services Coord.01360AnaRecreation 101040AnaDPW 100368AnaTownship-wide
48048EncDispatch00464AnaFire Fleet?01392AnaRecreation 201072AnaDPW 200400AnaEmergency
48080EncOps-100496AnaFire Dispatch01488AnaTransportation01104AnaDPW 3 "Private"56016?Future Fire/EMS?
48112EncOps-200528AnaFire 1 Ops01520AnaSenior Center01200AnaMUA 156048?Future Fire/EMS?
48144EncOps-300560AnaFire 2 Ops01712AnaLibrary01232AnaMUA 2
48176EncOps-400592AnaFire 3 Ops01808AnaSchools Maint.01264AnaMUA 3
48208EncOps-500656AnaFire 4 Ops01840AnaSchool Buses01296AnaMUA 4
08016AnaTraffic Ops00752AnaEMS 1 Dispatch01872AnaHigh School
08048AnaTraffic Ops00784AnaEMS 2 Ops03184AnaAnimal Control
00816AnaEMS 3 ALS Coord.

City of New Brunswick

Public Safety & Local Government
Police F-1 Dispatch460.3000R114.8
Police F-2 Alternate460.2250R114.8
Police F-3460.2250B/M114.8
Police F-4460.3000B/M114.8
Police Courthouse?460.1375R114.8
Fire Dispatch154.3250R162.2
Fire Fireground154.2500M162.2
Housing Authority453.2625R?
Housing Authority Old453.5500R118.8
Schools Ops464.5750Rd251
Schools HS Old464.3375M71.9
Schools HS Ops461.7125RDMR
Schools HS Alt461.9125RDMR
Schools Roosevelt Ops463.6625RDMR
Schools Tac461.4625M?
Schools Tac462.0375M?
Schools Tac462.1125M?
Schools Tac463.2125M?
Schools Tac463.5375M?
Schools Tac463.7375M?
Schools Tac464.3375M?
Schools Tac464.5750M?
Schools Tac464.8750M?
Schools Tac466.4625M?
Schools Tac467.0375M?
Schools Tac467.1125M?
Schools Tac468.2125M?
Schools Tac468.5375M?
Schools Tac468.7375M?
Pk'g. Auth. Ops?464.7750R103.5
Pk'g. Auth. Security?506.4250Rd712
Akcros Chemicals452.0500Rd664
All Brunswick Taxi153.0050Bd162
All Brunswick Taxi160.0500Md162
Atlantic Express462.1500Rd703
Hyatt Ops461.3000Rd244
Hyatt Unknown462.2000R?
J&J Security464.8750Rd174
Kelly's Car Service464.7500Rd115
Ohm Laboratory452.3875R?
Victory Taxi152.2700B131.8
Victory Taxi157.5300M131.8
Yellow Taxi152.3300B107.2
Yellow Taxi157.5900M107.2
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
JEMS 2155.3400B/M103.5
Food Service463.5250Rd712
Alarm Maint.461.2250Rd051
RWJUH / Children's Specialized Hospital
Saint Peter's University Hospital
JEMS 2155.3400B/M151.4
Patient Escort463.2000Rd364

The City of New Brunswick's Police Department has two main repeater channels, and apparently a third low-power repeater possibly for headquarters or the courthouse.

The New Brunswick Fire Department is dispatched on a repeated VHF-high channel and has a simplex fireground channel. On 3/26/10 the NBFD was conducting coverage testing using one analog and one digital talkgroup on the county's system. The other talkgroups shown were accessed by the same radios used for this coverage testing.

New Brunswick's EMS is provided by RWJUH EMS, and is dispatched by MedCentral. New Brunswick is typically covered by Ambulance 780 (BLS) and MedRescue 1 (ALS) though other units are utilized as needed; for more information and frequencies see County-wide Fire & EMS.

The Housing Authority's old channel expired and a new channel has been licensed, but activity has not yet been observed on it.

The Parking Authority has licensed and begun using their own channel. The channel they previously used (463.8750R/d712) was technically licensed to RWJUH; it is unknown whether NBPA still has use of this or RWJ reclaimed it.

See Piscataway Township for UMDNJ channels which may also be used in New Brunswick.

North Brunswick Township

Public Safety & Local Government
F-1 Police Dispatch502.3875R$293
F-2 Police Alternate506.6000R$293
F-3 EMS Dispatch471.1000R114.8
F-4 DPW460.1750R114.8
Fire F-1 Dispatch460.1125Rd503
Fire F-2 Direct460.1125Md503
Fire F-3 Tactical453.0625M192.8
Schools Admin.152.8700R100.0
School Buses152.8700R74.4
High School154.5400R162.2
Linwood MS153.0125Rd664
Adams ES159.6450M162.2
Parson ES159.6300M162.2
Unk. School159.6150M162.2?
Unk. School160.0350M162.2?
Joe's Service Center35.1000B/M179.9
Logan's Towing30.8000B/M114.8
Rich's Towing151.5650B/M94.8
Silver Line464.6875R?
Vespias Tire Center157.5000B/M131.8
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Fire-EMS Alerting?151.8650B/M179.9

North Brunswick's Police Department's switch to new digital channels appeared to take place on 12/18/06. To date all observed traffic has been APCO P-25 clear (not encrypted).

The North Brunswick Fire Department is comprised of NB Volunteer Engine Company #1 (Georges Rd), NB Volunteer Engine Company #2 (Route 130), and NB Volunteer Fire/Ladder Company #3 (Cozzens Lane). They are all alerted together, for any call, and operate on a UHF repeater. They also use a UHF simplex fireground channel. Pager tests are run daily at about 19:00.

The North Brunswick First Aid and Rescue Squad is alerted by "North Brunswick Central" on JEMS 1. Both alerting and two-way dispatch are on F-3.

The Board of Education operates a repeater for its district-wide services; buses use a PL of 74.4 and district-wide administration uses 100.0.

There is still one channel in the township's license, 506.4000, which has not been observed to have any traffic.

Bristol-Myers Squibb installed new radio systems at all their regional sites in early 2013 (old channels at this site going silent on or around 1/06/13), possibly in part to comply with FCC narrowbanding requirements. The systems seem to be DMR Trunked, with MotoTRBO being one brand name for the generic DMR format. All traffic is digital in a format incompatible with any current consumer scanner. The systems seem to have a full-time data channel (presumably for radio system operations or telemetry) and otherwise seems to use transmission trunking rather than message trunking. It is believed that most old channels are now abandoned, though it is not clear whether emergency service paging moved to the new system or remains on the conventional analog channels. BMS' internal fire and EMS responders were paged on VHF with daily tests at about 15:30.

Old Bridge Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Trunked System851.6625RMOT
Trunked System (CC)851.8625RMOT
Trunked System (CC)852.1375RMOT
Trunked System (CC)852.2750RMOT
Trunked System (CC)852.9375RMOT
Trunked System853.1625RMOT
Fire/EMS Alerting46.4200BCSq
SOBFD HazMat153.8300MCSq
SOBFD Fireground 1453.8375M156.7
SOBFD Fireground 2458.8375M156.7
MUA Telemetry173.3900BCSq
Schools Buses155.2200B/M79.7
Schools High School472.4750R192.8
Airport Unicom Old?122.8000MAM
Airport Ground121.7250B/MAM
Airport Ground123.0750B/MAM
Glenwood Country Club451.4125M?
Glenwood Country Club452.0375M?
Glenwood Country Club456.4125M?
Glenwood Country Club457.0375M?
Raceway Park Security F-1464.5625M107.2
Raceway Park Security F-2467.8000M179.9
Raceway Park 1/4-Mile F-1463.2125M179.9
Raceway Park 1/4-Mile F-2463.4375M179.9
Raceway Park 1/8-Mile Ops463.5375M179.9
Raceway Park Motocross Ops461.7125M179.9
Raceway Park Go-Kart Ops461.5125M179.9
Raritan Bay Medical Center

Old Bridge Township utilizes an analog 800 MHz Motorola trunked radio system; the system ID is 611C and the site number is 0. It is believed that all township services, including the Police Department are now on this system, though the Municipal Utilities Authority may have remained conventional. Refer to RadioReference.com for the latest talkgroup and system information. Along with two repeater channels, what appear to be five tactical channels have been added to the original TRS license.

The Old Bridge Fire Department is comprised of the following companies: Cheesequake VFC; Laurence Harbor FC; Madison Park FC; and South Old Bridge FC. All are alerted on low-band and all primary operations are on the trunked system. Some companies may switch to conventional channels for fireground operations.

Old Bridge EMS is provided by: Cheesequake VFAS; Laurence Harbor FAS; Madison Park FAS; Old Bridge EMS (Green & White); and Old Bridge FARS (Red & White). All are alerted on the same low-band channel as the fire companies, and all operate on the trunked system.

City of Perth Amboy

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Backup453.4250R$365
Police Backup453.3000R107.2
Parking Authority500.6875Rd664
Fire Alerting33.8200B103.5
Fire Dispatch453.6500R107.2
Borinquen Taxi152.3750B, R?d754
Borinquen Taxi157.6350Md754
Buckeye Ops451.5500R114.8
Kinder Morgan461.7000Rd445
Kinder Morgan463.4750Rd464
Kinder Morgan464.7375R?
Olympic Mill461.8625B/M?
Olympic Mill464.4375B/M?
Olympic Mill464.9625B/M?
United Taxi152.3450B77.0
United Taxi157.6050M77.0
White Cab160.1550B88.5
White Cab158.3400M88.5
Yellow Taxi159.8400B/M?
Raritan Bay Medical Center

The City of Perth Amboy's Police Department operates primarily on Woodbridge's trunked radio system and uses their old conventional channels as backups.

The Fire Department is alerted on low-band and UHF, and operates on Woodbridge's trunked radio system.

Piscataway Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Trunked System (CC)478.9375RMOT
Trunked System (CC)500.4875RMOT
Trunked System500.5375RMOT
Trunked System (CC)500.7125RMOT
Trunked System500.9875RMOT
Trunked System501.3375RMOT
ES Alerting158.7300B/M186.2
Fire Dist. 1 Tactical453.1625M114.8?
Fire Dist. 1 Tactical453.1875M114.8?
Fire Dist. 1 Tactical453.2375M114.8?
Fire Dist. 1 Tactical453.2625M114.8?
Fire Dist. 1 Tactical453.6125M114.8?
Fire Dist. 1 Tactical453.7625M114.8
Fire Dist. 2 Mobile Extenders460.6125MR114.8?
School District464.5750R100.0
High School464.4750Rd311
High School90.3000BWFM
American Poly452.4125Md246
American Poly452.8625Md246
Barclays Maint461.7625RDMR
Centennial Condo464.5125Rd565
Dupont Fabros451.3625R?
Durham School Bus151.3850B/Md411
GE Healthcare462.2500B/M?
J&J Healthcare451.2750R?
J&J Healthcare453.0000R?
Merrill Lynch451.4500R?
Merrill Lynch452.4500R?
Union Carbide153.3800B/M?
Union Carbide462.3500R?
Union Carbide461.1250R?
(New Brunswick & Piscataway)
Maintenance incl. VINJ463.7875Rd071

Piscataway Township has upgraded its Motorola trunked system to a P25 digital trunked system, with all observed talkgroups encrypted; Piscataway has also taken over dispatch for Dunellen and Dunellen police and DPW are using the trunked system. From lack of traffic on the old school bus channel, they may also be using this system.

The system ID is BEE00-4B5, and the site ID is 001-001. Programming it as type P25 Auto is recommended but if manual tables are required, use the following: base6= 470.0125 offset6= 24576 step6= 12.5. P25 systems are all-digital however this system so far is fully encrypted as well and there is no consumer scanner which is capable of decrypting the communications. For the latest talkgroup information, please visit RadioReference.com.

The Police Department operates entirely on the trunked system.

The Piscataway Fire Department is comprised of the following companies: District 1 New Market Fire Company; District 2 Holmes Marshall Fire Company, Possumtown Fire Company, River Road Fire Company; District 3 Arbor Hose Company; District 4 North Stelton Fire Company. All of the fire companies are alerted on high-band and operate chiefly on the trunked system, but some license conventional channels for fireground and mutual aid as well. Pager tests are run daily at about 18:15.

EMS is provided to Piscataway by: Arbor Rescue Squad, River Road Rescue Squad, and North Stelton Rescue Squad. All rescue squads are alerted on the high-band channel and all operate on the trunked system. RWJUH EMS has provided daytime EMS coverage using Ambulance 783 (primary) and others as needed, all those units are dispatched by MedCentral and usually contact Piscataway directly on Piscataway's alerting channel. Pager tests are run daily at about 18:15.

Piscataway school buses previously used a high-band channel with the dispatcher identifying as, "Piscataway Base," but the channel has been silent recently; the school buses may have also switched to the trunked system.

Plainsboro Township

Public Safety & Local Government
F-1 Police Dispatch476.8125R131.8
F-2 Fire/EMS Dispatch476.8375R131.8
F-2 Crossband155.8650B/Md131
F-3 Fire/EMS Alternate477.0125R131.8
Fire Private474.0625M131.8
Fire Mobile Extenders464.0000M131.8
DPW/ Municipal Svcs477.0125R103.5
Unknown (Unused?)477.2375R131.8?
WWPRSD Buses461.2000Rd051
WWPRSD Maintenance463.4625Rd411
High School North452.0375Md371
Community MS451.7125Md364
Town Center ES456.4875Md343
Millstone River ES456.6375Md351
Wicoff ES?452.1625Md351
WWPRSD Tac451.3625M?
WWPRSD Tac457.1625M?
State Channels within Plainsboro
NJSP TRS Troop CmultipleRMOT
NJ Transit TETRAmultipleRTETRA
Federal Channels within Plainsboro
PPPL TRS406.1875RLTR-03
PPPL TRS406.9875RLTR-07
PPPL TRS407.5875RLTR-11
PPPL TRS407.9875RLTR-15
PPPL TRS408.1875RLTR-19
ESU Main?0-03-101
ESU Tac-1 / Ops0-03-102
ESU Tac-2 / Alt0-03-103
Phone Patch?0-19-001
800 Scudders464.3875Rd263?
800 Scudders464.6000Rd132?
800 Scudders464.6750Rd263?
800 Scudders464.7625Rd051?
Firmenich F-1 Maint464.2750Rd734
Firmenich F-2 Ops461.7250Rd131
Firmenich HazMat452.6500Rd131
Forrestal Village464.3750Rd703
Marriott Ops464.3250Rd346
Marriott Tac462.0125M?
Marriott Tac464.3750M?
Marriott Tac464.4750M?
Marriott Kitchen464.8750Md053
Marriott Tac464.9250Md023
Munich Re Ops453.0125R67.0
Munich Re Unknown463.3250Rd244
National Business Parks463.2500Rd023
Novo Nordisk Future?464.3875Rd263?
Novo Nordisk Future?464.6000Rd132?
Novo Nordisk Future?464.6750Rd263?
Novo Nordisk Future?464.7625Rd051?
Peregrine Investors451.9375Rd152
RWJ Foundation461.5125R?
Westin Ops461.5375Rd125
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Univ. Medical Ctr. of Princeton at Plainsboro
JEMS 2155.3400B156.7?
Patient Escort451.3375Rd606

Plainsboro Township's Police Department is self-dispatched on F-1. The unknown channel may be for (rare) police usage and may, based on the other channels, have a PL of 131.8.

The Plainsboro Fire Company, Station 49, is alerted and operates on F-2. Most of the time the township dispatch center receives the emergency call and alerts the company, at which point Mercer County central dispatch takes over on the same channel. Mercer does have the ability to dispatch Station 49 directly when necessary, usually for mutual aid. There is a VHF-High to UHF link for F-2, which is used by incoming mutual aid units from PPPL, Princeton, and West Windsor. The fire company's F-4 is direct on their dispatch channel.

Plainsboro Rescue Squad (volunteer), Station 100, is alerted and generally operates on F-2 but during concurrent fire/EMS operations, EMS usually moves to F-3. The squad operates three ambulances and a first responder / command SUV. From 0600-1800 M-F the squad's vehicles are operated by Plainsboro Township EMS staff, who are technically police department employees. Unlike the fire company, all EMS dispatch is by Plainsboro central. Plainsboro relies heavily upon PPPL's Ambulance 166 for EMS mutual aid.

NJSP's site in Plainsboro was upgraded in October of 2009 from a fill-in site to a full simulcast site on the Troop C area-wide cell. See RadioReference.com for all the details on this system (use Zone B11E Site 001).

PPPL is the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. It is affiliated with Princeton University and the United States Department of Energy, but is located in Plainsboro Township. It has its own public safety department (fire station 66, ambulance 166) which regularly responds as mutual aid off the PPPL campus to Plainsboro and Princeton. PPPL is often alerted by Plainsboro or Mercer Central on Plainsboro F-2; the PPPL communications center, identifying as "Forrestal," then alerts its staff simultaneously over Tac-1 & Tac-2 typically coming over LCN-03 & -11. Response and ops is usually on Tac-1. This LTR system has a very limited range; to test reception, listen for the LTR data burst on the repeater channels every six seconds or so.

Bristol-Myers Squibb installed new radio systems at all their regional sites in early 2013, possibly in part to comply with FCC narrowbanding requirements. The systems seem to be DMR Trunked, with MotoTRBO being one brand name for the generic DMR format. All traffic is digital in a format incompatible with any current consumer scanner. The systems seem to have a full-time data channel (presumably for radio system operations or telemetry) and otherwise seems to use transmission trunking rather than message trunking. It is believed that most or all old channels are now abandoned.

Rutgers University

F-1 RUPD Ops477.5250R136.5
F-2 RUPD Tac478.5125R136.5
F-3 RUES Ops470.8500R136.5
F-4 RUES Tac470.7000R136.5
F-5 Services470.7250R136.5
F-6 Events472.6500R136.5
Physical Plant477.2125R146.2
Emergency Services470.5750R136.5?
First Transit464.5875Rd043
First Transit461.7625Rd365
Dining Services468.9125M?
Broadcast Remote455.8000B/M?
Brown Athletic Center154.8750B/M?
Campus Info Service467.7625M?
Student Ctr-Busch462.4125M?
Student Ctr-Busch467.4125M?
Student Ctr-College Ave464.6375M?
Student Ctr-College Ave469.6375M?
TV/Radio Office Old?466.0125M?
TV/Radio Office Old?464.8250M?
Telecom Old?461.3625M?
Telecom Old?466.3625M?
Recreation Services Old?461.0625M?
Recreation Services Old?466.0625M?
Werblin Rec. Center461.7875R?
Werblin Rec. Center452.2000M?
Werblin Rec. Center452.7250M?
Werblin Rec. Center461.4625M?
Werblin Rec. Center461.5125M?
Werblin Rec. Center461.6875M?
Werblin Rec. Center462.0375M?
Werblin Rec. Center462.0875M?
Werblin Rec. Center463.3375M?
Werblin Rec. Center463.6000M?
Werblin Rec. Center463.7375M?
Werblin Rec. Center463.9125M?
Werblin Rec. Center464.6625M?
Werblin Rec. Center464.8875M?

This listing pertains to the New Brunswick- & Piscataway-area Rutgers University campuses and facilities, not Newark and Camden though there may be some similarities.

The Rutgers Police Department operates on two UHF repeaters.

Rutgers Emergency Services operate on two UHF repeaters.

It is likely that most Rutgers channels are now UHF, including miscellaneous low-power building operations channels, for interoperability purposes. The list here is certainly not complete and, as far as the low-power channels go, maybe not even accurate, but it should give hobbyists a place to begin searching for additional channels from. If you have any to submit, please e-mail the author.

Middlesex County has been activating their emergency management department for special events at Rutgers, including commencement and football games. Often the Rutgers Events channel is patched into the (tentatively-identified) LE Common digital talkgroup, and the Rutgers PD Tac repeater is patched into the Countywide analog talkgroup. It is possible that other channels or talkgroups, such as on Piscataway's system, are also patched in.

Sayreville Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Trunked System501.0875RMOT
Trunked System (CC)501.6875RMOT
Trunked System (CC)502.0125RMOT
Trunked System (CC)502.2125RMOT
Trunked System (CC)502.4375RMOT
Fire Alerting (voice only)33.8200B151.4
Fire Alerting & Multicast153.8150BCSq
EMS Alerting & Multicast154.9950B151.4
EMS Unknown155.2650B/M?
High School464.6750Rd114
Schools Buses43.1800B/Md411
State Channels within Sayreville
Lojack Activation System173.0750BCSq
Camelot at La Mer461.4000R?
FPL Energy463.8500Rd627?
Gerdau Ameristeel151.5425Rd115
Gerdau Ameristeel152.4425R186.2
Gerdau Ameristeel152.9750R?
Gerdau Ameristeel151.8050B/Md172
Gerdau Ameristeel151.8350B/Md172
Gerdau Ameristeel151.9250B/M203.5
Gerdau Ameristeel151.9550B/M?
Gerdau Ameristeel154.5150B/M?
Gerdau Ameristeel159.5250Md343?
Gerdau Ameristeel159.5550B/M?
Gerdau Ameristeel159.5850B/M?
Gerdau Ameristeel159.6750B/M?
Gerdau Ameristeel464.3750B/M?
Lockwood Boat151.8350B/M?
Lockwood Boat154.5150B/M?
Lockwood Boat Marine 18156.8000B/MCSq
Lockwood Boat Marine 78156.9250B/MCSq
Morgan Powerboat Marine 68156.4250B/MCSq
North Jersey Energy Assoc.463.8500R?
Olympic Mill461.5625B/M?
Olympic Mill463.3125B/M?
Olympic Mill463.9375B/M?
Red Oak Power461.8750R?
Red Oak Power463.2500Rd723
RRI Energy158.2650B/M?
Tube City IMS461.9125R?

Sayreville Borough uses an analog UHF Motorola Type II trunked radio system. Refer to RadioReference.com for the latest talkgroup and system information. The base is 499.125, the offset is 380, and the step is 12.5.

The Police Department operates entirely on the trunked system.

The Sayreville Fire Department is alerted on high-band, with a multicast the fire dispatch talkgroup also going out on that channel.

EMS is provided to Sayreville by Sayreville Emergency Squad and Morgan First Aid Squad. The two squads are alerted on the old dispatch repeater and operate on the trunked system. The EMS dispatch talkgroup is multicast on the alerting channel. The former EMS dispatch repeater has probably been removed, since the input is now used for the fire alerting/multicast channel.

City of South Amboy

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Dispatch155.7300B/M146.2
Fire Alerting155.1000B127.3
Fire DispatchSayreville TRS
EMS Dispatch155.1000B/M127.3
Elementary School464.1000R?
High School464.6250R?
State Channels within Plainsboro
NJ Transit TETRAmultipleRTETRA
Cardinal McCarrick HS451.7375M?
Cardinal McCarrick HS462.4125M?
NJ Transit Rail Yard161.3700B/M?

The City of South Amboy's Police Department is dispatched on a simplex VHF-High channel.

The South Amboy Fire Department operates on talkgroup 6576 on Sayreville's trunked system and uses a simplex UHF channel for fireground communications. Pager tests are run daily at about 18:00.

The First Aid Squad is dispatched on the VHF-High channel. Pager tests are run daily at about 18:00.

South Amboy Public Schools.

South Brunswick Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Trunked System LCN-01851.0750REDACS
Trunked System LCN-02851.4000REDACS
Trunked System LCN-03851.7000REDACS
Trunked System LCN-04853.4125REDACS
Trunked System LCN-05853.7375REDACS
Fire/EMS Alerting45.3600B186.2
ES Tac-1851.0125M82.5
ES Tac-2851.5125M82.5
ES Tac-3852.0125M82.5
ES Tac-4852.5125M82.5
ES Tac-5853.0125M82.5
OEM Broadcast1.6400BAM
Schools District-wide/Buses461.8250Rd131
Schools SBHS Ops463.2750Rd115
Schools Tactical464.9875Md131
WA2WSK Amateur443.4000R141.3
A-AAA Taxi151.6475Rd306?
A-Z Auto Parts462.1000R127.3?
Bloomberg Ops461.9375Rd311
Bloomberg Maint.463.9875Rd223
Dow Jones452.8000RDMR
First Student Bus47.5000B/M173.8
IFF Ops462.2250R118.8
IFF Unk451.2875R?
K&A Excavating462.1000R141.3
Tommy Hilfiger451.3375R?
Tommy Hilfiger452.0875R?
Tommy Hilfiger461.7625R?
Tommy Hilfiger463.5500R?
Tommy Hilfiger464.9625R?

South Brunswick Township operates an EDACS TRS for most services.

The Police Department operates on the trunked system and cell phones. For a while the police explorers were using the old UHF police channels in simplex mode, but this has probably stopped by now.

The South Brunswick Fire Department is comprised of the following companies: Station 20 is Monmouth Junction Volunteer Fire Company (District 2); Station 21 is MJVFC sub-station on Georges Road; Station 22 is Kendall Park Volunteer Fire Company (District 1); Station 23 is KPVFC sub-station on Henderson Road; Station 24 is Kingston Volunteer Fire Company (District 3). 200-219 and 20-## are MJVFC units, 220-239 and 22-## are KPVFC units, and 240-259 and 24-## are KVFC units. The three companies have separate primary territories, are all alerted on low-band, and all operate on the trunked system. Somerset County dispatches Kingston directly into its primary territory in Franklin Township, Kingston has a repeater which receives its alerts on 154.310 and retransmits them on 45.36 (using a lower-power transmitter at the firehouse). Kingston will use Franklin's trunked system for calls in Somerset County but will still call out responding to South Brunswick dispatchers.

EMS is provided to South Brunswick by: Monmouth Junction First Aid Squad (A-5# and 58-## units), Kendall Park First Aid and Rescue Squad (A-6# and 68-## units), Kingston First Aid and Rescue Squad (A-7# and 78-## units), and South Brunswick EMS (A-58). SBEMS is a corporation formed by the three squads, which currently runs one paid crew from 0600-1800 M-F using one rig provided by each squad. South Brunswick alerts the four agencies on the same low-band channel as the fire companies. Franklin also alerts Kendall Park and Kingston to calls in their primary territory in Franklin, using 45.36 with the PL. Coordination within the squad will be conducted on South Brunswick's system, but communication with dispatch will be on Franklin's EMS Dispatch channel.

The fire companies and, possibly, squads have access to a talkgroup which is patched into SPEN 4 as needed for MedEvac landings. The agency and fleet calls are also rarely used, but when they are used it is usually for something important or emergent.

WA2WSK is an amateur radio repeater that belongs to the South Brunswick Radio Club. The SB School District licenses several frequencies; one UHF repeater for buses and district-wide maintenance and one for the high school, and one that is probably for simplex security and operations at all schools (to date only confirmed for Brooks Crossing). The low-power SBHS Ops UHF repeater is permanently patched into the talkgroup; units at the school originate on both sides of the patch. The former PD SRO channel now seems to be a district-wide net for the school district; the S3 (Schools-3) channel usage is unknown.

A live scanner audio stream focusing on South Brunswick and including parts of some of its neighbors is available online; more details are provided after the link.

South Brunswick's Trunked Radio System
0256Agency Call = Township-wide Announcement
Public WorksServicesEMSFirePoliceInteropSchools
027201 Fleet Call028808 Fleet Call030414 Fleet Call032023 Fleet Call033633 Fleet Call035241 Fleet Call0368S0 Fleet Call
027302 Admin028909 Admin030515 Admin032124 Chiefs033734 Command035342 Common0369S1 SBHS Ops
027403 Dispatch029003 Dispatch030616 Dispatch032225 Dispatch033835 Dispatch035443 Common0370S2 District-wide Net
027504 Ops-4029110 Library030717 MJFAS Ops-1032326 MJFD Ops-1033936 Tac035544 Common0371S3 Unknown
027605 Ops-5029211 Rec./Transp.030818 MJFAS Ops-2032427 MJFD Ops-2034037 Tac035645 Common
027706 Ops-6029312 Constr. Code030919 KPFARS Ops-2032528 KPFD Ops-1034138 Unknown035750 SPEN 4
027807 Ops-7029413 Health Dept.031020 KPFARS Ops-1032629 KPFD Ops-2034239 Unknown035851 Fire Mutual Aid
  029549 Data Prcssng.031121 KFARS Ops-1032730 KFD Ops-1034340 Detectives
    031222 KFARS Ops-2032831 KFD Ops-2
      032932 Fire Safety Ops
      033046 Fire Safety Disp.

South Plainfield Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Borough Fleet Call1808Cty TRS?
Borough-wide1817Cty TRSAna
Police 1 Dispatch1809Cty TRSEnc
Police 2 Tac1810Cty TRSEnc
Police 3 Tac1811Cty TRSEnc
Police 4 Tac1812Cty TRSEnc
Police Old Dispatch453.3250R114.8
Police Old Alternate460.0500R114.8
Fire 1 Dispatch500.8625Rd565
Fire 2 Talk-Around500.8625Md565
Fire Alerting33.9600B114.8
Old Fire 1-Dispatch1813Cty TRSAna
Old Fire 2-Tac1814Cty TRSAna
Old Fire 3-Tac1815Cty TRSAna
Old Fire 4-Tac1816Cty TRSDigi
Old Fire 16 Tac?conv.M??
Fire Mobile Extenders453.1875MR?
EMS Alerting158.7300B114.8
EMS Dispatch1819Cty TRSMix
EMS Ops1820Cty TRSAna
EMS ALS Coordination453.3250R114.8
OEM1818Cty TRSAna
High School152.9675RDMR?
Schools Food Service461.4750R?
Clayton Concrete49.5800B/M88.5
Halls Trucking464.0250Rd546
South Plainfield Hotel451.7750Md364
South Plainfield Hotel451.8750M?
South Plainfield Hotel452.1250M?
South Plainfield Hotel457.1250M?

South Plainfield Borough's Police Department is self-dispatched on the county's trunked radio system, after having tried it out and switched back in 2010. It is worth noting that no consumer scanner presently decodes the type of digital (Provoice) which this system uses, and it is doubtful there ever will be one. Further the police talkgroups use encryption, so even if a Provoice 2-way radio was used the proper decryption key would be needed to monitor the communications.

The South Plainfield Fire Company is dispatched by the police department. In April of 2013 the department moved back from the county trunked system to their old conventional system, reportedly due to coverage concerns with the county system. Pager tests are run daily at about 18:00.

The South Plainfield Rescue Squad operates partly on their old channel and partly on the trunked system, which are patched together. Daytime EMS coverage is provided by Somerset Medical Center EMS, which is covered under the Somerset County page. Incoming ALS coordinates with the police dispatcher on the old police dispatch channel. SPRS pagers are tested daily at about 1800.

The South Plainfield OEM has an analog talkgroup on the county's system.

South River Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
PoliceEast Brunswick TRS
Fire Alerting33.8200BCSq
Fire Dispatch/OpsEast Brunswick TRS
Fire Multicast33.5400B156.7
Fire Tactical?453.3375M156.7
EMS 1 Alerting/Ops150.9500R103.5
EMS DispatchEast Brunswick TRS
EMS 2 Ops153.9200M103.5
EMS 3 Tac166.4500M103.5
EMS 4 Tac158.3550M103.5
EMS 5 Talkaround150.9500M103.5
DPWEast Brunswick TRS

All South River Borough municipal services switched over to East Brunswick's Trunked Radio System in November 2000; see the East Brunswick section for more information.

The South River Police Department operates exclusively on the trunked system.

The South River Fire Department is comprised of three companies: SR Engine Company #1 (George Street; Ladder-Tower 1), Reliable Fire Company (George Street; yellow apparatus), and Summit Engine Company (Appleby Avenue; red apparatus). All three are dispatched to any fire call in the borough. Alerting is done on low-band, all routine operations are on the trunked system. Some or all of South River's fire talkgroups are multicast on a second low-band channel.

The South River Rescue Squad is alerted on a VHF-Hi repeater, and that channel is used for response coordination by members. Rigs normally communicate with dispatch on the EB TRS. SRRS has a number of VHF channels available for operations, and since most or all members have VHF radios, these channels are used more than the EMS Tac talkgroup. Daytime coverage is provided by Transmed 3, who is alerted on the squad channel and communicates with dispatch on Borough-wide.

Spotswood Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Dispatch472.1500R$312
Fire Alerting33.8200B167.9
Fire DispatchEast Brunswick TRS
Fire Tactical453.4375M156.7
Fire Tactical458.4375M156.7
Fire Re-alert33.5200B167.9
Fire Multicast33.5200BCSq?
EMS Alerting155.6100B/M167.9
EMS DispatchEast Brunswick TRS
DPW & OEM477.3750R156.7
Schweitzer Mauduit451.8375R?

Spotswood Borough's Police Department is self-dispatched on an encrypted digital conventional channel. Spotswood also provides dispatch services to Helmetta, so their units use the same channel.

The Spotswood Volunteer Fire Department is alerted on low-band and operates chiefly on East Brunswick's trunked radio system. The fire talkgroup is reported to be multicast over the old fireground channel. Spotswood has licensed a UHF repeater on which they dispatch the Helmetta fire department. Pager tests are run daily at about 18:15.

The Spotswood First Aid Squad is still alerted on high-band, but also operates on East Brunswick's TRS. Pager tests are run daily at about 18:15.

Woodbridge Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Trunked System (CC)484.3625RP25
Trunked System (CC)484.6125RP25
Trunked System (CC)484.8625RP25
Trunked System (CC)484.9875RP25
Police Old Dispatch453.2250R114.8
ES Alerting478.9125RCSq
State Channels within Woodbridge
NJDHS Woodbridge Dev. Ctr.
NJDOC Avenel Treatment
NJDOC East Jersey State Prison
Amtrak Iselin160.6500R?
Bank of Tokyo463.3500R?
Beth Israel Cemetery463.8375Rd116
Checker Cab152.4350B97.4
Checker Cab157.5450M97.4
Colonia Country Club451.7125M?
Colonia Country Club456.7125M?
Colonia Country Club461.7375M?
Colonia Country Club466.6625M?
Dana Transport456.5375M?
Dana Transport456.6125Md226
Dana Transport456.6625M?
Dana Transport457.2875M?
Dana Transport457.9875M?
Dapper Bus47.6600B/Md343
Dr Pepper-Snapple463.8750R?
FedEx Ground451.4375R250.3
FedEx Ground451.5125Rd503
FedEx Ground452.0375R192.8
FedEx Ground452.1625R146.2
FedEx Ground452.4875Rd703
GVA Williams Ops463.2000Rd464
Merck Iselin451.6750R186.2
Prudential Ops463.9500Rd223
Prudential Maint452.7500Rd223
PSE&G Sewaren Gen.451.3750Rd065
PSE&G Sewaren Gen.461.1750B/M?
PSE&G Sewaren Gen.464.9000B/M?
Rahway Bus47.5000B/M123.0
Shell Oil153.2000R118.8
Shell Oil Marine 74156.7250B/MCSq
Shell Oil Marine 79156.9750B/MCSq
Tishman Speyer463.9875RDMR
US Gypsum Ops463.2125R141.3
US Gypsum Tac451.3125M141.3
US Gypsum Tac451.3375M167.9
US Gypsum Tac456.3375M151.4
US Gypsum Tac463.4875M127.3
US Gypsum Tac467.3625M?
US Gypsum Tac467.4125M?
Woodbridge Center461.3500R?
Woodbridge Center464.5250Rd054
Woodbridge Center464.8750R?

Woodbridge Township has constructed a UHF-T P25 trunked radio system; the system ID is BEE00-35E and the township-wide simulcasst site is 001-001. System frequencies have been adjusted and are being further tweaked to alleviate interference from digital television stations but it is understood that the control channel frequencies are unlikely to change; until these changes are complete only the control channels frequencies will be listed on this page. Programming it as type P25 Auto is recommended but if manual tables are required, use the following: Base2= 450.0000 Offset2= 8192 Step2= 12.5; Base3= 470.0000 Offset3= 12288 Step3= 12.5; Base4= 500.0000 Offset4= 16384 Step4= 12.5. If you have a BC296D then you will have trouble scanning the system.

Woodbridge Township's Police Department is self-dispatched and is now entirely on the trunked system, with the dispatch talkgroup patched to the old dispatch channel.

The Woodbridge Fire Department is comprised of the following districts/companies:

Fire companies are alerted on the UHF channel. Additional information is available at a great (unofficial) page.

EMS is provided to Woodbridge by the following squads: Avenel/Colonia FAS, Colonia FAS, Port Reading FAS, and Woodbridge EMS. All squads are alerted on the UHF channel.

Middlesex-Area SMR Systems

Atlantic Telecom
Control Systems
Horizon Communications
Mobile Radio
Edison461.3875RLCN 02
Edison452.2625RLCN 13
Edison452.2375RLCN 19
Radio Spectrum
SI 2-Way

This is a list of Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) systems known of in Middlesex County. These are basically radio channels for rent, an alternative to Nextel (and there long before Nextel existed). Unless noted otherwise all use LTR trunking; TGIDs are not yet available.

It is possible that a business you are searching for is using an SMR based outside the limits of Middlesex County, and it is possible that some of the SMR sites listed here are part of a larger network for wider coverage. There are too many sites outside Middlesex to cover on this page; to learn more about a network, search the FCC database for other licenses under the same provider. There is information similar to this for Mercer and Somerset Counties on their respective pages.

Special thanks: sp48radio & others.

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